dog got hurt then himself reached the clinic to get the dressing doctors were surprised to see watch viral video


If the dog got hurt, he went to the clinic himself to get the dressing done

Such videos are often seen on social media, after seeing which we do not believe in our own eyes and there are some videos which we are surprised to see. These days, one such video is going viral on social media, which you will be surprised to see. Have you ever heard or seen that a dog or any animal was hurt and he himself reached the doctor for his treatment? You must be thinking how can the dog himself go to the doctor for treatment. But, now that the video which is going viral on social media, something similar was seen in it, after which everyone is surprised after seeing it.

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This video is going viral on the internet, from Brazil, a wounded dog reached the clinic near the doctor for his treatment. This dog video is becoming very viral on the Internet. According to the news of the Daily Mail, a stray injured dog reached the clinic in Juazeiro do Norte, North East Brazil. This entire incident was captured on camera. When the dog reached the clinic, the doctor was also surprised to see him. After examining the dog, it was found that the dog has a cancerous tumor, which he treated and kept it for himself to take care of it.

Some people in the clinic were waiting for their turn with their dogs. Then the injured dog reached the clinic. The people present there were also surprised to see the injured dog entering the clinic alone. Veterinarian Desse Silva stood behind the counter and immediately rushed to the dog. He examines the dog and immediately sets it to himself. At the moment, the dog has been treated and is now under the supervision of a doctor and is healthy.


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