dog does the job of guard, opens the gate when the vehicle arrives, makes entry in the register before entry – watch video


This dog does the job of guard, opens the gate when the train arrives, makes entry in the register before entering

Cute and funny videos of dogs are often viral on social media. Dogs are as cute as they are intelligent. The dogs raised in the house always take care of their owner. The brain of dogs is so sharp that they immediately get to know who is a member of the house and who is an outsider. For this reason, when an outside person comes into the house, they start barking loudly.

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Everyone must have heard about dogs guarding the house, but have you ever seen any dogs doing guard work. You should not be surprised at all, because by watching the video that is going viral on social media, you will also be convinced that dogs also work as guards.

See Video:

A video is going viral on the Internet, in which a dog is seen working as a guard. In this video you can see that the dog is sitting in a uniform near the gate. While a car arrives late, the dog gets up and opens the gate. The car stops a little inside, the dog looks at the number of the car, then comes back and picks up a register and goes to the person sitting in the car to make an entry. Then bring the register back and keep it at this place.

People are very fond of this video on the Internet. This video has been viewed nearly 2 lakh times so far. After watching the video, people are praising the dog fiercely and are also making many comments. Also, people are sharing this video with each other.


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