Doctors made Pawri video in a special way, said This is Corona, you dont have to party Watch Viral Video – Doctors made Pawri video in a special way, said – this is corona, you don’t have to party …


Doctors made a special way Pawri video, said- ‘This is Corona, you don’t have to party …’

If you are often active on social media, then it is very likely that by now you have seen a lot of power videos and memes. The trend is a new love for social media, started by Influencer Dananeer Mobeen and later popularized with a mashup video of popular musician Yashraj Mukhate. From celebrities to brands to executives, they have joined in by sharing many types of posts. Now, Manipal Hospitals involved in the same trend has shared a post on their official Facebook profile.

See Video:

With the clip, he wrote in the caption, “The epidemic is not over and this is not the time for power. Put a mask and be safe!” He ended the post by adding a few hashtags including #LifesOn and #SayNoToPawri.


The video has gathered around 5,000 responses since it was shared on Facebook. Apart from this, people are also constantly making many comments on it.

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