Do not wait this year, change life by arrangement | Do not wait this year, change life by arrangement


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14 minutes ago

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BK Shivani, Brahmakumari

We waited for the big days when 2020 would end. Because we said 2020 was not the only good year. We were waiting for 2021, then life will change, circumstances will change, state of mind will change. We thought our state of mind, our happiness, the power and peace of our mind depend on people, on circumstances.

As a child asks, what do you think will happen in my exam? So we say to him, as prepared will be. We do not say that if the exam will be easy then it will be good and if difficult it will be good. We do not focus on exams, we focus on preparation.

Our exam became difficult in 2020, but how was our preparation? 2021 has started, but what do we know which exam will come this year. Whether it is in the world, country, city, neighborhood, family or personal life, whether it is on my body, do I know what things 2021 is bringing to me. How will this year’s exam be.

Now let’s focus on our preparation and not on the exam. Don’t think how 2021 would be like. What is important is what will be on our mind. Because what is in the mind is the quality of life. Life is not what happens to us. Life is how our attitude, our words and behavior towards what happens. So we will not wait from today.

Life does not change by waiting, it changes by arrangement. We all must be thinking that what new habits, new values ​​will be adopted in life in the new year. Every year, make plans and implement them with great love and bring changes in your life. We can make that plan any day. Small habits, things, small behaviors, way of thinking, these can reduce my spiritual strength.

The more my spiritual power, the quality of my life will be. Spiritual power means my preparation. How is my preparation to face every circumstance in life. We see those small things, through which we can increase the power of the soul. Like – when we have to take care of our body, we talk small things. Wakes up early, sleeps early at night, changes his diet.

One thing to remember is that to bring a great change nothing has to be very big. But small changes have to be made every day. God says you are new every moment. God teaches that do not wait for the new year, do not wait for the new day, your every moment should be new.

Then our state of mind will move forward. If we understand the same in the language of mathematics, then what we are today, if we remain like this for a year, then there is no change in us. That is, we stay at 1 and 1×365 = 1, ie nothing changes. But if we bring even one percent change in us and bring that one percent daily, then within one year we will get 367% change.

Now we feel that even if nothing is done then we are like forests today, after 365 days we will be forests. But this will not happen. Because if we do not rise above one percent, it is possible that we will go down a little bit. Because the effect of the environment, the effect of the condition of the people, the effect of the situation. We are not alone, are we?

Do not know what the circumstances will be, how people will not know, how their behavior will not be known, so there is a lot of possibility of the impact of these changes coming down. Our security is in this that we keep raising our one percent above. And every day they keep increasing by one percent.

Every day, small changes that we will bring inside ourselves, then think about how much will change in 365 days. Make small changes in your state of mind daily. When we do this, we will not have to think about how 2021 will be, how 2022 will be. We will not wait. We will not think about how the exam will be. Our focus will be solely on our preparation.


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