DNS hospital lift falls, ex-CM Kamal Nath’s health worsens in panic; Jeetu Patwari and Sajjan Singh Verma were also together | 20 people overloaded by lift, broken lift; Former CMs along with Jeetu Patwari and Sajjan Verma were also present


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  • DNS Hospital Lift Falls, Ex CM Kamal Nath’s Health Worsens in Panic; Jeetu Patwari And Sajjan Singh Verma Were Also Together

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IndoreA minute ago

The lift at the DNS hospital in Indore has a capacity of 15 people, but a crowd of leaders along with Kamal Nath joined it.

Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath narrowly escaped from the lift falling in a private hospital in Indore on Sunday. The accident occurred due to overload of the lift. The lift had a capacity of 15 people, while it had 20 people. Kamal Nath had come to know the health of former minister Rameshwar Patel admitted in DNS hospital.

Kamal Nath’s health deteriorated when the lift fell. His blood pressure was checked in the hospital only when he was nervous. Former ministers Jeetu Patwari and Sajjan Singh Verma were also with them in the lift at the time of the accident.

Leaders have arrived in Indore for the party conference
Party leaders from across the state are engaged in the ongoing Congress divisional conference in Indore. During this time, former minister Rameshwar Patel was reported to be admitted in the hospital in Indore. Former CM Kamal Nath, former minister Sajjan Singh Verma and Jeetu Patwari along with many leaders reached DNS hospital at 4 pm on Sunday to know their well being. All the leaders had boarded the lift to go to the second floor of the hospital, but the lift went down to a height.

Calling the engineer, took Kamal Nath out
There was chaos in the hospital after the accident. The lift engineer was called. After much effort, all the leaders could be evacuated safely. Meanwhile, Kamal Nath’s health deteriorated due to nervousness. He was examined in the hospital itself. After that they left from there.

Order for magisterial inquiry into the incident
On receiving the information about the incident, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan ordered Collector Manish Singh to investigate the matter. The Collector has asked ADM headquarters Himanshu Chandra to conduct a magisterial inquiry into the incident. A few days ago CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan was also caught in the lift of the ministry. Two people were then suspended.


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