DIY Gone Wrong Man Gets Smacked In The Face By Wood Plank See Viral Video


The man was patting the wooden strap, with his leg, then turned on the face – see full video

A DIY video is becoming viral on social media, which will make you laugh and be sad even after seeing it. A man was hammering a wooden strap himself, but DIY went wrong when he kicked the leash off to one side. The strap rotated directly over his mouth (Man Gets Smacked in the Face by Wood Plank). He sat there in pain. Tears were coming out of his eyes due to pain. This entire video was recorded on CCTV. While sharing the video, his wife wrote in the caption, ‘When the husband went to fix something and could not.’ He also added the hashtag, ‘#keepyourdayjob’

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The original video has been shared on Tiktok. This video has been shared by @abbyalexan. It can be seen in the video that the person climbs the stairs with a wooden strap in his hand. A portion of the lease on the deck was missing. He fitted the lease in the hand to the empty part. To strengthen him, he had to push very hard. As soon as he kicked one part vigorously, the other part came round and hit his mouth.

The good thing was that the nails were not stuck in the lease. He felt the strap very loudly. The person has not suffered serious injuries. If there were spikes in it, a big accident could have happened. This video has been shared on Twitter by former American basketball player Rex Chapman. Also wrote in the caption, ‘Exactly like a cartoon …’

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After watching the entire video, the man wrote in a funny manner, ‘One thing was missing in the whole video. Just the bird is not seen rotating on its head.

Responding to the post, American comedian Dante wrote, “You are so right. Has he never seen a cartoon? What would he do next? Step on the rake? But nothing like this happened here.”

A bunch of users also shared GIFs from the cartoon Tom and Jerry, where Tom sticks to a wooden strap.

Chapman’s post has been viewed more than 2 million times so far and has more than 44 thousand likes.


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