Division from LNIPE, played for the state, was removed for playing matches without informing, banned for 4 years in doping, Anshula said – can’t say anything now | Division from LNIPE, played for the state, got a 4-year ban for coming positive in the dope test, said – I will talk when the time comes

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  • Division From LNIPE, Played For The State, Was Removed For Playing Matches Without Informing, Banned For 4 Years In Doping, Anshula Said Can’t Say Anything Now

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Photo of country’s first female cricketer Anshula, who was banned for four years after coming positive for dope test, in Gwalior LNIPE.

Anshula Rao, who became the first woman cricketer of the country to be found positive in a doping test, has an old connection with Gwalior. While at Gwalior LNIPE (Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education), she played in the division cricket team. After this, from here she got selected for the Madhya Pradesh state team. He was removed from LNIPE for going to play a cricket match without informing him before the dope test.

For the last one year, she has not played for any team in Gwalior. Neither have come here. When from Anshula Daily newspaper When he spoke, he refused to say anything, saying that he was in tension. Ashula says, her advocate has refused to talk to anyone right now. She will definitely take sides when the time comes.

Ban for 4 years for coming positive in dope test

Madhya Pradesh state team women’s cricketer Anshula Rao has been banned for four years after she tested positive for dope. With the incident, she has become the first woman cricketer in the country to be banned for dope. On Monday, the National Doping Agency’s disciplinary panel also found him guilty of consuming the banned drug anabolic steroid ’19- noandrosterone. However, Anshula Rao had said that there is a gap of four months between the charges leveled against her and the dope test. Banned medicine has been found in both the samples of Anshula. In such a situation, Anshula will also have to bear the cost of B-sample Rs 2 lakh.

After Holi, the sample was done on March 14

Anshula Rao’s sample was taken on 14 March 2020, four days after Holi in Baroda. She had failed the dope test. Both their samples were sent to the Belgian laboratory. Samples of banned drugs have been found in the investigation.

Anshula came to Gwalior from Banaras in 2014-15

It is learned from LNIPE, Anshula Rao, daughter of a normal family of Banaras city of Uttar Pradesh, came to Gwalior in the year 2014-2015. Here in LNIPE he took admission in BP ED (Bachelor of Physical Education). It is a four year course. The game of this female all-rounder was so sharp, in the same year she was selected in the Gwalior Division team and played fiercely. Good game rewarded. In 2015-16, Anshula got selected for the Under-19 state team of Madhya Pradesh. From here she played for the state. He had a dope test in Baroda during the state match in March 2020.

Missed studies due to passion for sports

Found out from Madhu Sharma, the cricket coach at LNIPE, Anshula was very passionate about cricket. This was the reason that in the fourth year of her four-year studies she went to play without informing the LNIPE. For this mistake of his, he was removed from LNIPE. Due to which she could not complete her studies from here. Coach Sharma tells that she was expert in playing.

Studying from Gwalior, so the selection was done from here

Anshula, a resident of Banaras was a resident of UP, so how did she get selected in the division and MP state team from Gwalior. Coach Madhu Sharma said, BCCI rules that any player can play from his home district only, but if he is studying in any other state or city, then he will be considered as there. So he got selected from here.

Anshula said – I will talk after meeting the advocate

Women cricketer Anshula told that right now her advocate has refused to talk to anyone, so she cannot say anything further. He said, I can’t say anything now, but I will definitely talk when the time comes.

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