Dispute Over Transfer of Commandant Vasu Vardhan of Delhi Base Hospital, Know What the Army Said – Deepening controversy over transfer of Commandant Vasu Vardhan of Delhi Base Hospital, know what the army said?


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New Delhi:

Regardless of the sudden transfer of Commandant Major General Vasu Vardhan of the Army’s Base Hospital in the country between the Coronation of Corona, even though the Army has issued a statement, it is a routine issue, but the dispute is growing rather than stopping . Especially on social media, the army waiters are raising the army and the government in the dock on this issue. A lieutenant general of the army, who did not print the name, said that it was not a wrong but a mahagalat. The warrior who is fighting against Corona is a morale breaker. It is never the case that an officer is transferred two to three months before retirement. In the situation when that officer is performing his duty day and night during the corona epidemic.

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The commandate of the base hospital is removed from this post and made an additional officer in the Research and Referral Hospital, according to an order dated 10 May. According to many, this is an insult to a Major General rank officer. This is done only when a case is going on against them. Under normal circumstances, this rank officer is not transferred like this. When this matter arose in the media, the Army issued a statement that Major General Vasu Vardhan has completed his tenure of over 18 months as the Commandant of Base Hospital. Now, instead of General Vasu, Major General SK Singh, Deputy Commandant of Army Medical Corps Center and College of Lucknow, has been made Commandant of Base Hospital.

Many retired army officers say that the base hospital of Delhi currently remains a 1000-bed Kovid hospital. It is here that the army and their families infected with Corona are being treated. The way Major General Vasu Vardhan has been handling the hospital for the last one year can be gauged by the fact that he did not go on leave despite his mother’s death recently. He went straight to his duty after performing the funeral of the mother. There is also a news in social media that if an officer of the Ministry of Defense demanded the Redemisiver medicine from the Commandate of Base Hospital, he refused to give it and he had to face the same as his transfer.

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Retired Lt. Gen. Rameshwar Rai of the Army told NewsBust that Major General Vasu Vardhan was transferred at a time when the country is reeling under the killing of Kovid. Removing this responsibility to such an experienced officer in such a delicate time is not a right sign for the morale of the army.

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