Disgruntled retired and serving Chinese Army cadres can launch armed action against Xi Jinpings government: Dissident – China fears rebellion if confessed to soldiers killed in Galvan


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Retired and currently employed soldiers are hurt by the attitude being adopted by the Chinese government and can launch an armed rebellion against President Xi Jinping's government. Gianli Yang, son of a dissatisfied with China and former leader of the Communist Party of China (CCP), said this. Jianli Yang, founder and president of the Citizen Power Initiative for China, said in an Opinion written in the Washington Post that China feared, rebellion could occur if confessed to the soldiers killed in Galvan.

He wrote- "The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has long been a pillar of strength for the Communist Party of China. If the cadres currently employed in the PLA sigh and stand with millions of ex-servicemen, who If already unhappy with Xi Jinping, then he can become a powerful force, which will be able to challenge the power of Xi Jinping.

Yang further wrote – The CCP leadership cannot afford to reduce the ability of ex-servicemen to initiate collective and armed action against the regime. Therefore, despite pressure and bureaucratic measures, there are constant incidents of ex-servicemen protest, which is a cause of concern for Xi Jinping and the leadership of the Communist Party.

Gianli gave the example of a military skirmish between India and China in the Galvan Valley. In this violent clash, both types of army have suffered loss.

"Even a week after this incident, China refused to give public information about its soldiers killed in the skirmish while India remembered the sacrifice of its soldiers with full respect," Yang said.


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