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Start a Dropshipping Store in 2020

Basically Drop Shipping is by far the cheapest way to start an online eCommerce store. If you don’t want to have to be creative and come up with your own products to sell. You see most people think that if I want to sell these cute cat coffee spoons that have been hyper viral that I would have to go to the manufacturer for them, order a bunch of them and get them shipped to my house, just look through Aliexpress best sellers. And then each time a customer comes to my store and buys them from me.

I then need to go package the spoons up and ship them out to my customer, but you know what? That’s not true. There are a lot of manufacturers out there that offer an additional way to purchase products from them such as the manufacturers for these cute cat coffee spoons. And that service is Drop Shipping.

Drop Shipping is when a customer buys a product that you’ve listed in your store for a market price. When they do you go to the manufacturer and you purchase that one product for the wholesale price the manufacturer then ships that product out to your customer for you and you get to keep the difference as profit, high ticket dropshipping. That’s not Magic, it isn’t to get the rich quick scheme. It’s just a different way to purchase products from manufacturers, in fact, retail stores have been Drop Shipping suppliers since the 70s.

In fact here in New Zealand one of our largest online stores fishpond that sells millions and millions of dollars each year. It is one ginormous Drop Shipping Store. So where do you find manufacturers that will let you dropship products from their catalogs? Well, one of the easiest places to find drop shippers that are willing to do this is Aliexpress. This is an online directory of Chinese manufacturers that will list the products that they manufacture here so that you can buy them individually and don’t worry these days a lot of them have warehouses in the USA.

So all you need to do is set the search settings to show you the ones that will ship products domestically so you can dropship with four to seven days shipping times. No paid app is required and there are lots of great products to drop ship within the USA such as this led dog collar.

You can set up a flake store selling millions of dollars of Dropship products from AliExpress, like some of our students here at SaleSource, who sold over 700,000 dollars of LED dog collars. While I was chatting with one of my students I asked him why he thought the LED dog collars sold so well and here’s what my student said:

“I encourage you to pick a passion that you know people are very interested in like for example dogs is a phenomenal passion. Everybody loves dogs. Everybody loves cats. These are things that are easy to sell in the Drop Shipping market and then you can start getting into some more unique products”.

Create and sell your own educational online digital products 

You might be thinking: “Why would anybody pay to sign up for those when there are so many free YouTube videos? Yet, despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of hours that are being uploaded to YouTube each and every minute – the online education industry isn’t shrinking – it’s growing rapidly, with the help of Shopify product research. It’s predicted that in 2023 that the online education industry of paid ebooks and paid courses will be a 130 billion dollar industry. 

Ironically. We’ve now got so much free information there. That’s too much information. Yes, there are so many free educational resources out there like YouTube videos, but what if the YouTube video isn’t well presented? What if the person rambles for 10 minutes before getting to the point? 

That is why more and more busy consumers are paying for curated information such as product research Shopify in the form of e-books and video courses from content creators. If you take the time to build up a social media following, you can make serious money with just a fraction of the followers that the big YouTubers have. I highlight the friend of mine who has an Instagram following of fewer than 50,000 people who are all interested in the same Niche.

So what she did was she got a free ebook creator app and wrote an e-book for her Niche she then signed up for a free two-week trial Clickfunnels account and use that to set up a simple 3-page website: Page 1 a simple sales page for her $20 ebook page 2 – a checkout page and page 3 – a thank you page that contained a link for the customer to go and download their ebook. She then purchased an eight dollar and eighty-eight cents domain name or NameCheap and connected her Clickfunnel site.

She posted on her Instagram and within five months she had sold over $28,000 and when I highlighted this story earlier a few weeks ago. She was making about 400 or $500 a week, but now thanks to Word of Mouth. She’s making up to over $2,000 a week, which is insane, I’ve got a question if you live outside of the USA like me, how much are two thousand US Dollars where you live here? It’s 3,000 New Zealand dollars.

So I checked and $3,000 a week would easily put her in the top five percent of income earners here in New Zealand. And while this is pretty incredible for an Instagram following of listening to 50,000 followers. Honestly, she could have made even more money because instead of selling a twenty-dollar ebook. She should have sold a $20 a month video course.

For instance, it was created the old-fashioned way. It was a custom-built WordPress site like you used to have to do in the past. And do you know how much money this cost me to make? I’ll tell you, it cost tens of thousands of dollars but times have changed since then thanks to incredible apps, like teachable:

Anyone who believes that they have knowledge and information to share to help others can create their own video courses with monthly recurring billing subscriptions for cheap – for just $39 a month with teachable you can use the same course templates and same sales page templates that pet Flint from Smart passive income users to create his own six-figure courses. 

And so if you are passionate about a particular topic or Niche and you want to share the information with the world there has never been a better time than now you can take a course or go the good old freeway and watch this organize YouTube videos to learn how to build up a social media following but either way, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers to launch and make a six-figure business off of your own educational products instead. What you actually need is to take action.

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