Director made mini theater film was going on then suddenly something happened like that watch video – director made mini theater, film was going on, then suddenly something like this happened


Movie theaters in many countries are still closed to ensure safety amid the Corona epidemic. However, time is needed and it is true that people will be remembering the experience of watching a movie in the cinema hall many times. With director Tom Kingsley, when he felt the same, he prepared his own lockdown cinema.

A video that he has shared on Twitter, showing his miniature movie hall, it would be perfectly correct to say that this is his amazing creation and understanding. There is another special thing in this video which people are very fond of, that is the presence of a guest appearance at the end of the video. You can see in the video itself how the movie is grazing in this mini theater, when a cat suddenly starts walking in the theater. Seeing the cat in the video, people are very fond of this entry.

This video clip has been viewed more than 1 lakh times so far. People are also doing a lot of likes and comments on this video. Some people are not tired of praising the entry of the cat. People are making cute comments about the cat.

Responding to a user of the micro-blogging platform, Kingsley has also shared the items used in the construction of the short film hall. He tweeted:


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