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New DelhiMoments beforeAuthor: Sandhya Dwivedi

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  • When we started the party, we had 5,000, 7000 rupees. Neither were there, today hundreds of crores of rupees. Who is giving this money to the consultant (Prashant Kishore)?

Dinesh Trivedi, who has been in politics for 40 years, is changing the party for the fourth time. Politics was started with the Janata Party. Stayed there for 8 years. Then Congress, stayed there for 10 years. TMC thereafter, lived there for 22 years. And now BJP. Came here yesterday only.

Mamata was the closest to Trinamool. He was also the Railway Minister in the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh. It must be remembered that after the 2012 railway budget, there was such a chaos that they were removed from the post.

Dinesh was till recently the TMC Rajya Sabha MP. On 12 February, the TMC announced to leave in the moving Rajya Sabha. It was decided that the BJP was joining, but it was getting a little late. Finally, on March 6, at the BJP office in Delhi, he received both the party’s form and Anghocha in front of everyone. After this, we spoke directly to him. You also read …

Question: In the report of American think tank Freedom House, India’s status has been reduced from ‘Independent’ to ‘Partly Independent’. At the international level, India’s image is becoming such that India’s democracy is weakening. In such an environment, you are going to the ruling party at the center?
What the general public thinks about the country makes a difference, not what anyone else thinks. I mean to say that to know what is the state of the country, go to the general public. Then the correct image will appear to you. We should trust our public and not on any report.

Question: If you are talking about the public, then how can you forget the farmers? The hundredth day of the peasant movement also passed. The government is not listening to the farmers…
Answer: Democracy is there, everyone has the right to the movement. But the question arises that if you keep a gun on the government and say that either ‘My way or highway’, you should do what we want … It doesn’t happen like that. Democracy does not run like this. The government talked to the farmers several times. Even the farmers were asked to keep this bill in ‘cold storage’ for 18 months, that is, not implemented, but the agitators did not bother with this.
The agitators are not ready to follow any path. Here, it is determined to keep the gun on the head of the government and get the whole thing done. If the government keeps on talking about all these things, then after this, someone else will adopt the same attitude, after that someone else will… and then the process will continue.

Question: When you resigned, at that time you said that there is a lot of corruption and violence within the party. But all this has been going on for a long time. Why did it take so long to understand this?
Answer: It did not take time to understand, I gave time. I tried a lot, but there was no one to listen. When the party was formed, Adarsh ​​was something else. At that time the public was paramount. But when the government came, ‘Maa, Manusha, Mati’ became only a political slogan and power became paramount. Today, the Trinamool bus has become a family party. When we started the party, we had 5,000, 7000 rupees. Neither used to be. No one had money to send to Delhi. Today you get hundreds of crores of rupees. She is giving it to a consultant (Prashant Kishore). Whose money is this Is it the public only?

Question: Mamta Banerjee has said many times that there was a lot of violence by the former ruling Left government of Bengal, but after coming to power, they were also accused of committing violence, political murders. Has Mamta changed so much now?
There was a lot of resentment against CPM among the public. Show your option to the public in Mamta. But it happened that the government changed, but not the system. Today the system got worse than the CPM. At the time of CPM, it was a matter of giving money to a man or a party, then everything used to be there. But now the corruption has increased so much that two and four goons stand to pay money to one.
I got a message from my friend. He told that he is building the temple of Sai Baba. What was it, four goons came to him for 15 lakh rupees. To ask. Where is the money or stop working? And this I am talking about the assembly seat of Abhishek Banerjee, nephew of Mamta ji. Now the practice of openly cut money in the state called Tolebaazi is on.
I told my friend to just stop for two months, then it would not go away. Today when we said that we were suffocating in TMC, I spoke not of my own, but of the entire public. Many TMC colleagues congratulated me and said that you had strength, so where did you go? I said you too show your strength and come.

Question: It is being said that the battle of Bengal is between Diya and Hurricane. Diya is Mamta and Storm is BJP. Today the election of West Bengal is going in the same direction…
Answer: The storm does not bring any political party, but the public. Dia erases darkness. Here if we talk about TMC, talk about Mamta, then it is dark under diya.

Question: One thing has to be accepted that Mamata is showing her own strength, she is presenting a challenge. They have the ability to cope. The decision to contest elections from Nandigram is also a direct challenge. What do you think?
Answer: What is power? Mamta is contesting from Nandigram leaving her traditional seat. Leave the entire state, go to their assembly seat and ask if you will know how angry people are with Mamta today.

Actually Mamta Banerjee has lost her confidence. This is why he needs an advisor to maintain his confidence in the election. An election strategist is needed. When we were contesting in 2011, there was no need for any election strategist or consultant. Then there was neither the money nor the power of the goons, but the public was with us. Today there are goons too, even if they have money, they still need a consultant. But why?

Question: People are saying that Ego collided with your mentor Banerjee. So you left the party?
See, we are not fools. There is nothing like ego when we are in public life. Do not ask me by asking the public. The public is saying that a person who was a sharif, had read and written, now he has also left. No decent man can live in the situation of the party today.

Question: If Mamta wins, what message will go to the public?
People do not like Mamta’s language today. The language of abusive language that Mamta has adopted today, is not the culture of Bengal. Today, in Bengal (with the coming of the BJP), an expectation has arisen. There is a wave of happiness. They seem to have found an alternative. The culture of Bengal is ‘civilized’.
By climbing the dais, Rabindranath Tagore or Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, reading the lines of Swami Vivekananda to show himself civilized or cultured is understandable. Going contrary to the culture and civilization of Bengal, the public is watching the rhetoric falling from the level during the election. Bengal is a cultured state. Civilization and culture also have to be adopted in character and language.

Question: In Bengal, the BJP is also doing politics of polarization. The slogan of Jai Shri Ram has been made the mantra of election. This is also against the culture, isn’t it?
What is the problem in raising the slogan of Jai Shri Ram? Where did the movement of Hare Rama, Hare Krishna begin? Where did Chaitanya Mahaprabhu come from? Why was it needed today? Actually, Hindus are being suppressed there. The Hindu finds himself isolated.
I will give an example of how the state of vote bank dominates in the state. I was asked by a person from Barrackpore, my assembly seat, why Bengal has two laws? One for the minority and one for the entire state. If Muslims go in a bike, they do not need a helmet. But if we go to Hindu, it has to be done. One has to go to court for Saraswati Puja or Durga idol immersion. But why? However, Muslims are also angry with Mamta today. He is saying that instead of developing us, you have made us only a vote bank.

Question: You stayed in TMC for so many years. A party that calls BJP communal and itself secular will take some time to reconcile?
Answer: To say that BJP is communal party and TMC secular is absolutely wrong. Secularism is not that you despise Hindus and belong to any other religion, then it is fine. Go to the stage and appease the minorities … Secularism means that you treat every religion equally. As in the spirit of India itself. All religions have equal respect.
Actually, this party has now passed into the hands of a consultant (Prashant Kishore). Mamta sold the party we had created. It needs to be asked that what happened after all so many people are leaving the party?

Question: You were in the Janata Party, in the Congress, in the TMC. That means a long time spent in politics in different parties. What is special about Narendra Modi that sets him apart from others?
Answer: Trust. The public trusts them. There is no such leader in the world today who says, today everybody has to light a lamp and people start lighting lamps. You did not see! Today, the public is confident that Modi is capable of protecting the country and ours. The public knows that Modi will not allow this heat on the security of the country.
Whether it is an episode of bringing back the accolade or answering to any country, India does not retreat anywhere. Earlier, it was only Lal Bahadur Shastri who said that if people want to keep fast for a day, then people kept it.

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