Dharmendra Says Proud On You To Mohammad Siraj Goes To Father Grave After Landing In Hyderabad


Dharmendra tweeted about Mohammad Siraj

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  • Dharmendra tweeted about Mohammad Siraj
  • The actor said that you are proud …
  • Dharmendra’s tweet regarding Mohammed Siraj went viral

new Delhi:

Mohammad Siraj, who was the architect of India’s historic victory on the tour of Australia, went to the country to offer flowers to the grave of Marhoom’s father before returning home. Please tell that Siraj was in Australia when his father breathed his last. Mohammad Siraj also became very emotional upon reaching his grave. Recently, the Bollywood man, Dharmendra, has tweeted about Mohammad Siraj, which is becoming fiercely viral on social media. In his tweet, Dharmendra praised Siraj and wrote that there is love on you …

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Dharmendra, praising Mohammad Siraj, wrote, “Siraj, the son of a brave-hearted India, you have a lot of love for me. You are proud of me They kept playing for the match. And returned after registering the name of an untimely victory, Watan. Yesterday, I was happy to see you at the tomb of my father. Jannat Naseeb ho him… Is collecting, as well as people are commenting fiercely on it.

Please tell that Mohammad Siraj went straight from the airport to his father’s tomb as soon as he reached Hyderabad. After reaching there, he offered flowers and read Namaz. Siraj’s father, who runs an auto rickshaw, died on November 20 at the age of 53. Siraj’s father was lung related. It is being told that Siraj had reached Australia with the Indian team a week before this. He was given the option of returning home but stayed with the team. Siraj said at the press conference after his return, “It was difficult for me. I was very sad. I spoke to my mother and family at home who supported me. They asked me to fulfill Abba’s dream. My fiance Also inspired me. “


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