Dharmendra Epic Reply To Waheeda Rehman As Actress Accused Him For Flirt Video Goes Viral – Dharmendra accused Waheeda Rehman of flirting, actor replied


Dharmendra gave an overwhelming response to the allegation of Waheeda Rehman

Special things

  • Waheeda Rehman accused Dharmendra of flirting
  • The actor responded in a tremendous way
  • Dharmendra said – Such allegations will be made everyday …

New Delhi:

Man of Bollywood i.e. Dharmendra has left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his style. He has not only won the fame in Bollywood with his films, but he is also well known for his behavior. Recently, Dharmendra and actor Shatrughan Sinha came on stage to dance, where they also enjoyed the show very much. Meanwhile, Dharmendra came to know that Bollywood’s famous actress Waheeda Rehman has accused him of flirting. The actor also responded to this matter in a tremendous manner. This video related to Dance Deewane has been shared by Colors TV with its Instagram account.

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This video of ‘Dance Deewane’ shows that Dharmendra and Shatrughan Sinha are enjoying the show together. Then the show’s host Raghav told that last week Waheeda Rehman, Asha Parekh and Helen came on the show. Raghav also showed the video related to it, in which Waheeda Rehman said, “Dharmendra ji shows that he is very straight but flirts a lot.” Dharmendra himself starts laughing after watching this video of him. Then Raghav asked him what you want to say on these allegations. In his reply, Dharmendra said, “Oh, such allegations will be made everyday …”

Dharmendra (Dharmendra) came on the show and told many stories related to himself. Talking about Waheeda Rehman, Dharmendra said, “I had seen the film ‘Chaudhvi Ka Chand’. The whole world had fallen on him. Some of us were also floored. I saw a video of him, in which He was asked who your crush was on. He immediately replied that Dharmendra ji. So I think man what happened when we were floored. ” This video of Colors TV has been watched more than 7 thousand times so far, as well as the fans are also commenting fiercely on it.


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