Dhanashree Verma Shares Pool Side Photos Fan Says Put A Dance Video With Hardik Sir


Dhanashree Verma shared photos

Special things

  • Dhanashree Verma shared photos
  • Sighted by the pool side
  • Dhanashree is the wife of cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal

new Delhi :

Dhanashree Verma is very active on social media and shares her posts on the coming days. Meanwhile, one of her posts is becoming viral, in which she is posing very beautifully sitting on the pool side. Dhanashree’s style is being seen in these pictures. While sharing his photos, Dhanashree Verma Photos has also given a caption. She writes, “I am sitting pool side with air pods, because a new play list is being prepared”. In this photo of Dhanashree Verma, an air pod is also seen in front of him.

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Any post of Dhanashree Verma becomes viral as soon as it comes, in such a situation that this photo of her has also become viral on social media. Through his comments, people are putting their own comments on this post. Commenting on Dhanashree Verma’s photo, a fan has written that Yuji must have kept how many fasts on Monday. At the same time, another user has written, ‘Don’t dance with Maam Hardik sir, this time.’ It is worth noting that in the past, Dhanashree Verma Dance Video shared a video of her dancing with Shikhar Dhawan, which was very trending on social media.

Dhanashree Verma is a choreographer by profession. She shares her dance videos on social media on the day. Let me tell you, in the year 2020, Dhanashri married cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. Dhanashree Verma came into the limelight after joining her name with Yuzvendra.


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