Devyani, Windlass, Krishna and Exxaro tiles, IPO in August, initial public offer, August initial , initial public august | Opportunity to invest in Devyani, Windlass, Krishna and Exxaro tiles, can invest at Rs 90 to 460 per share

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  • Devyani, Windlass, Krishna And Exxaro Tiles, IPO In August, Initial Public Offer, August Initial , Initial Public August

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  • Issues of many companies will also come in the second week of August.
  • Tattva Chintan shares have made investors rich

After the end of July, in the first week of August, again investors will get an opportunity to invest in IPO. A total of 4 issues are opening simultaneously on 4th August. You can invest in it at a price ranging from Rs 90 to Rs 460.

Four companies will come in the market

These four companies are Devyani International, Windlass Bio, Krishna Diagnostic and Exxaro Tiles. Devyani is a company in the quick restaurant service segment. It has outlets like KFC, Pizza Hut among its franchisees. This company is bringing the issue at Rs 86 to 90 per share. It plans to raise Rs 1,838 crore from the market. It has a lot size of 165 shares.

Exxaro tiles will come at Rs 118-120

Exxaro Tiles is offering the issue at a price of Rs.118-120. It will raise Rs 161 crore. It is a tile sector company. It is a Gujarat-based company and recently got approval from SEBI. It has a lot size of 125 shares. Similarly, Windlass Bio is bringing an IPO at Rs 448 to Rs 460. It has a lot size of 30 shares. The company is planning to raise Rs 401 crore from the market.

Krishna Diagnostic may also bring issue on August 4

Krishna Diagnostic is also coming in the market on 4th August itself. However, its size and share price have not been decided yet. The lot size of all is less than 15 thousand rupees. In this way, retail investors will have to invest a minimum of Rs 15,000, while the maximum can invest up to Rs 2 lakh.

Cartrade will raise Rs 2,000 crore

Cartrade may also bring an IPO on August 4 or 6. This company is planning to raise Rs 2,000 crore from the market. Novoco’s issue is of Rs 5 thousand crore, which can come in the second week of August. It is a cement company of Nirma Group. In the next 15 days, a total of 8 companies are preparing to raise Rs 16,000 crore from the market.

Tremendous advantage in listing of element thinking

Shares of Zomato and Tattva Chintan, which were listed in the recent times, have made investors rich. The share of Tatva Chintan has given a gain of 95% to the investors on the day of listing. Whereas Zomato is currently trading around 90% above its issue price. In the month of July, companies have raised Rs 14,629 crore through a total of 6 issues.

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