Demonstration of strength in CM Palanisamy and Sasikala today on Amma’s birth anniversary | Demonstration of strength in CM Palanisamy and Sasikala today on Amma’s birth anniversary

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  • Demonstration of strength in CM Palanisamy and Sasikala today on Amma’s Birth Anniversary

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Chennai3 minutes agoAuthor: R. Ramkumar from Chennai

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Wednesday is the birth anniversary of late CM Jayalalithaa.

  • Palanisamy in trouble due to Sasikala’s hold in party and Thevar community

Wednesday is the 73rd birth anniversary of the late Tamil leader Amma, Jayalalithaa. On this occasion, the ruling AIADMK and Sasikala faction are demonstrating power to prove themselves as the true heirs of ‘Amma’. CM E. Palanisamy has told the party workers, ‘There are only two months left in the election exam. Our enemies and opponents have joined hands to defeat us. In such a situation, we all burn lamps in homes on Amma’s birth anniversary and take a pledge that we will not leave any stone unturned to save the party. ‘ He has called for the workers to reach the party headquarters for a show of strength.

On the other hand, Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran said on this occasion, “They too will show strength at the AMMK party headquarters on this occasion.” Sasikala, who was released from jail on this occasion, will also attend. His activism has increased the difficulties of AIADMK. It is believed that Sasikala wants to use her influence to return to the AIADMK. However, Chief Minister Palanisamy has made it clear that he is not ready to bow down by order of confiscation of property of Sasikala and her relatives.

Political pundits believe that this situation has increased the troubles of Chief Minister Palanisamy. He argues that a large number of Sasikala supporters are among the current MLAs of the party, who believe that Sasikala has a hand in reaching her. If Palanisamy gives tickets or cuts to such people, then in both the cases the party may suffer. Sasikala, on the other hand, comes from Thevar community, which has a 10% share in the state’s population. This community has been the traditional voter of AIADMK. If their votes are distributed, the AIADMK may suffer in close competition.

The community has influence in the southern part of the state and 40-50 seats in the delta region. In the 2016 Vis Election, AIADMK won 13 seats with less than 1000 margin. The margin of victory in the 66 seats was less than 5%. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Sasikala’s nephew Dinakaran’s party AMMK received 5% votes. If the vote bank improves even in the coming elections, then the AIADMK and its ally BJP will be directly affected. That is, even if Sasikala cannot decide the victory of AIADMK, but it can give her a big blow.

BJP wants reconciliation between the two groups to avoid losses
Sasikala has gone to court against deportation to the post of general secretary in the party. The matter will be heard on 15 March. The AIADMK and the BJP are keeping a close watch on the activities of Sasikala due to the possible loss due to their camp in the upcoming elections. BJP is trying to bring these two groups together.


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