Demand from Gujarat High Court to businessmen, doctors and general public – Lockdown is the last option | Demand from Gujarat High Court to businessmen, doctors and general public, lockdown is the last option

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  • Demand From Gujarat High Court To Businessmen, Doctors And General Public Lockdown Is The Last Option

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Ahmedabad6 hours ago

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Lockdown will break Corona’s chain in cities, prevent super spreaders in villages.

Tight controls have been imposed in 29 cities, ranging from night curfew till May 5, to break the corona chain. From the High Court to businessmen, doctors and the general public are also demanding a lockdown. The entire lockdown can be imposed for a week from May 5 to remove the medical emergency in the state. According to sources, the Gujarat government is seriously considering it and will take a decision after 5 May.

Lockdown is now an option to control the worsening day-to-day situation in Gujarat. Corona will have to be controlled by breaking the corona chain in the state by lockdown. Lockdown can be imposed in the state after May 5 instead of night curfew, as cases of corona are increasing rapidly in cities as well as villages. The main reason for this is that the infected are openly moving from cities to villages. The infected villages going from the city are roaming as super spreaders.

Lockdown panacea treatment to remove medical emergency

After the havoc of Corona, medical emergency including bed, oxygen, medicine, injection has been going on in the hospital for the last few days in the state. After imposing several stringent controls including night curfew in 29 cities of the state, there has been some reduction in new cases. Although the death toll is approaching 150. The condition of beds in hospitals remains critical. The Gujarat High Court to the Supreme Court and the Covid Task Force of the Center have also recommended the government to impose lockdown.

BJP leaders were informed to make arrangements for food grains and food for the poor

One reason for the possibility of lockdown in the state is that the BJP leaders have been informed to help the poor from the provision of food in each area. So that after the lockdown, proper arrangements of food grains and food can be made for the poor. Like last year, there was no panic in the state.

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