Delhi riots: 20,000-page chargesheet filed by police – Police filed 20 thousand page chargesheet related to conspiracy of Delhi riots


Delhi Police filed charge sheet in court on Wednesday – symbolic photo

new Delhi:

The Delhi Police has filed a charge sheet of more than 17,500 pages related to the conspiracy of Delhi riots in the court on Wednesday. Special cell of Delhi Police reached court with charge sheet of conspiracy of Delhi riots. A charge sheet was presented against a total of 15 accused. Right now a charge sheet is not being filed against Omar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam. His name will appear in the supplementary charge sheet. The charge sheet filed by the police is more than 17,500 pages.

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Umar Khalid arrested in Delhi riot case, sent to 10 days police custody by court

Let us know that the special cell of the police came out of its office carrying 2 boxes filled with charge sheets. DCP Kushwaha was also present in Sathi. According to the information received by the police, one of the 15 accused, Sapura Zargar, is on Bell. There are 745 witnesses in the charge sheet.

The charge sheet contains technical evidence, CDR and WhatsApp chat as evidence. However, permission has been received from the government to impose UAPA. The police also said that whatever section we have installed, based on the evidence. The recovery that has taken place is also being taken as evidence. Right now the investigation is going on. Later supplementary charge sheet will be filed.

Chidambaram took a dig at the charge sheet of the riots, 'Did the Delhi Police forget….'

Significantly, JNU alumnus Umar Khalid, who was arrested in the Delhi riot case, was sent to 10 days police custody by the Delhi court on Monday. Omar Khalid was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police last Sunday night. Omar Khalid is named in almost every charge sheet of the Delhi riots.

Big revelations in the case of demonstrations against CAA-NRC in Delhi and funding for riots

Before the arrival of Trump, Delhi Police arrested him in his speech and call records of conversations with the accused in Delhi, meeting with the accused and in the statements of the accused, describing him as a perpetrator. Crime Branch of Delhi Police (FIR) in the case of Jafrabad Violence In 50/20, a supplementary charge sheet has been filed against Devangana Kalitha, Natasha Narwal, Gulfisha Fatima. These people were accused in the charge sheet.


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