Delhi Police constable abducted in bus, miscreants took off his clothes – Delhi: Video of hostage of police constable in a moving bus surfaced, miscreants took off clothes


Case of kidnapping constable of Delhi Police

new Delhi:

A case of taking Delhi Police constable hostage in a moving bus came to light. The miscreants snatched Delhi Police constable Sachin’s service revolver and took him hostage. Not only this, the miscreants also made a video of the constable. Two videos of Constable have surfaced. In a video, he is being asked to drink and rob while on duty. While in the second video the clothes of the constable were taken off. In the video, a bruise is also visible on the forehead of the policeman. Police say that both are investigating the video.

The Delhi Police had claimed that the staff of a bus was taken hostage by Constable Sachin posted at Kashmiri Gate Police Station and thrown away after snatching the purse mobile and service revolver at Butterpur police station area in Firozabad. Now two videos of the same constable Sachin have come out. In one video, Constable Sachin is sitting in a bus with his service pistol in hand. Apart from Constable Sachin, some other people are also appearing in this video. In the second video, Sachin is not wearing a uniform and in this video he is confessing that he was trying to rob the bus.

Actually the miscreants made this video after taking the constable hostage. Another person’s voice is also heard in this video.

The spirits of the miscreants in the capital are so high that the miscreants kidnaped a police constable. The incident took place on 21 October at 11 pm. Constable Sachin was patrolling in the Kashmiri Gate area. He noticed that there was a crowd in a bus and there was a screaming voice of a woman, when he entered the bus, but he had no idea that there were crooks inside the bus.

The miscreants closed the doors of the bus on seeing Sachin and seized Sachin and snatched his pistol, purse and mobile. Not only this, the miscreants also beat Constable Sachin. The miscreant took the constable Sachin to Kidney and took the bus to Firozabad and threw it there and escaped with the bus.

Constable Sachin somehow saved his life and reached the nearby police station and informed the matter about his senior. Delhi Police has registered a case and investigation is on. In this case, the Delhi Police has arrested the bus owner Munna Chaurasia and her son Ankit Chaurasia from Bhind in Madhya Pradesh. Even when the police went to apprehend them, their family threw stones at the police and threw petrol in the clothes and threw the burning clothes at the policemen.

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