Delhi: Now the number of farmers of UP and Uttarakhand started increasing on Ghazipur border


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new Delhi:

The number of farmers on the Ghazipur border of Delhi-UP is increasing. Now thousands of farmers of UP and Uttrakhand have camped here. 12-year-old Gurkirat Singh from Pilibhit district of UP has reached Ghazipur border to give his Gullak money. On the lines of Indus and Tikari border, now there are queues of donors on Ghazipur border as well. From children to elders, they are paying according to their capacity.

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Gurkirat Singh said that we have brought money to support the farmers because we are also farmers. Although the Supreme Court has appealed to the women, elderly and children to stay away from the protest, but a temporary library has been specially prepared for the children who stayed on the Ghazipur border. A library has been built on NH 9 where children are being given material to make paintings along with books.

There are tents and temporary tents from Ghazipur border to Khoda. Their number is gradually increasing. People’s feelings towards farmers are increasing due to cold and increasing time. Shahid from Rudrapur in Uttarakhand is cutting hair and beard of farmers for free. They say that when we can sit at home for six months in lockdown, then why can’t we shave farmers’ beards for free.

The farmers and those who have sympathy with them will meet here, helping in different ways. In the midst of all this, a new enthusiasm has been created in the farmers leaders due to the recent remarks of the Supreme Court. Farmer leader Jagtar Bajwa said that we respect the Supreme Court that he has understood the problems of farmers and criticized the government.


The increase in the participation of farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand on the Ghazipur border has stressed on the forehead of the government because till now this farmer movement was being described only as Punjab.

Till fifteen days ago, only a few tractor trolleys and two to three hundred farmers were seen here, while the number of farmers is increasing as the day progresses. In such a situation, the government’s time-buying strategy does not seem to be effective on the farmer movement.


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