Delhi Home Secretary Disagrees With Interim Audit Report Of Oxygen Crisis In National Capital During Corona Second Wave


Oxygen Audit News: Delhi Home Secretary Bhupinder Singh Bhalla disagrees on the report

New Delhi:

During the second wave of corona in Delhi lack of oxygen State Home Secretary Bhupinder Singh Bhalla has disagreed with the interim report of the expert panel regarding the (Delhi Oxygen Crisis). The report reportedly mentions the Delhi government for exaggerating the oxygen shortage by four times. of Delhi Home Secretary Bhupinder Singh Bhalla in Delhi Interim Report of Oxygen Audit A different stand has been expressed. Bhalla is a member of the 5-member sub-committee formed by the Supreme Court, which was entrusted with the work of oxygen and audit in Delhi in the Supreme Court.

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Bhalla has given this information by writing a letter to all the members of the sub-committee. Bhalla said, the interim report that has been submitted is not approved by all the members of the sub-committee. He wrote, the oxygen consumption being talked about was not claimed by the Delhi government, it is only a collection of consumption data for one day found around May 12. The Home Secretary wrote, the actual consumption data of 214 hospitals was being reported as 474 metric tonnes. But if the need of patients living in home isolation and non-covid patients is also added, then 75 MT will have to be added.

Around 12-13 May, the oxygen news in Delhi was 550 MT. Whereas the peak of Kovid had gone 10 days ago. He said, I was sent a draft of the interim report on which I also sent my objections and suggestions. But my suggestion or objection was not included in the interim report and the report was sent directly to the Government of India. .

Bhalla said, my objections or suggestions given on the draft interim report were added at the end of the interim report. It was left for the sake of appearance and the readers of the report could interpret the report and draw their own conclusions if they wished.

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