Delhi Health Minister satyendra Jain says – we have vaccine stock for 4-5 days – Delhi Health Minister said


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New Delhi:

On the letter written by the Center on vaccination below the national average in the capital of the country, Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that the vaccination is decreasing in the central government hospitals. He said that 30-40 percent vaccination has been done in the central hospitals, due to which the average of Delhi has come down. Along with this, he said that the vaccine is currently in stock for 4-5 days in Delhi.

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On the letter of the Central Government, he said, in these things we should fight together. The central government is alleging that vaccination is decreasing in Delhi. In such a way, we can also say that the vaccination has been reduced due to the hospitals of the central government. There has been 30-40 percent vaccination, due to which the whole percentage has decreased.

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Also, the Health Minister said, if 75% has happened in Delhi and 30% has happened in the central hospitals, then this is not an issue. The point is that we have to get people vaccinated as soon as possible. We do not have to get into this quarrel.

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Let me tell you, the Union Health Ministry had written a letter to the Delhi government that the vaccination of health care worker is less than the national average, that it should be increased. While frontline workers and people above 45 years have more vaccines than the national average, but this also needs to be increased.

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