delhi hauz khas official hitting a driver with a belt on road ensues brawl FIR registered

new Delhi:

A strange sight appeared on the streets of South Delhi on Monday afternoon. During the mask checking campaign in Hauz Khas here, some common people and the volunteers of the Civil Defense of Delhi Government got into a fight. Some surprising pictures have come out during this incident. Here an employee was seen beating a person with a belt, while passers-by were also seen getting entangled with government employees. Three employees have been injured in this incident.

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Many videos have surfaced, in which it can be seen that many civil defense employees and some people are punching each other. One clip shows an employee taking off the belt and hitting the other person.

Actually, the quarrel started when the employee stopped a car at a traffic signal near IIT-Delhi in Hauz Khas area. According to the police, at that time the traffic light was green, in such a situation, a second car suddenly brake, due to which a third car came and confronted it. The driver of the second car, Jitesh Dagar, got out of the car and started arguing with the employees in anger. After this the quarrel started.

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Police has said that it can be seen in the video that there is a strong debate between Jitesh Dagar and government employees. A civil defense worker is hitting the person with a belt on a full road. It is seen in the video that a crowd is gathering there and many co-workers and some other people are trying to stop him.

In another video, it can be seen that some people in plain clothes are attacking a uniformed employee. At the same time, some people are kicking an employee lying on the ground.

Police said that the injured employees have been admitted to the hospital. His medico-legal report is still awaited. Statements, etc. are being recorded. South Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Atul Kumar Thakur said that two FIRs have been registered in this case. First on the complaint of Delhi Civil Defense volunteers, and second on the complaint of Dagar. He said that action is being taken under the law and investigation is going on.


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