Delhi Coronavirus: water bill waiver scheme extended


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new Delhi:

Delhi Jalboard has extended the plan to waive the outstanding water bills till 30 September 2020. Earlier this scheme was in force till 30 June 2020. Under this, if consumers deposit the original dues till 31 March 2019 by 30 September 2020, then they will get 100% discount on Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC).

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Under this scheme, the domestic consumers who have functional meters are getting the benefit of this. The entire late payment surcharge (LPSC) of such people will be forgiven. Late payment surcharge is penalty and interest in a way.

According to the order issued by Delhi Jal Board, according to house tax, there are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H colonies, out of them 100% principal of the people living in E, F, G, H colony. Amount will be forgiven. All their LPSC and arrears along with the current dues till March 31, 2019 will also be waived 100 percent.

Also, 100 percent LPSC of A and B category people will be waived and 25 percent bill of principal amount will be waived. 50 percent of the C category will be waived. 75 percent of D category will be waived. LPSC of C and D categories will be waived 100 percent.

Raghav Chadha, vice chairman of Delhi Jal Board, issued a statement saying, "In this era of epidemic, most consumers are shying away from paying bills in the zonal office of the area. Keeping this in mind, Kejriwal government has extended the rebate scheme. Decision has been taken. Based on the assessment of the economic conditions of the consumers of the Delhi Jal Board, the Delhi Jal Board has decided to waive the outstanding bills. This will help all those consumers who are benefiting from this scheme till March 31. Could not take. "


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