Delhi coronavirus vaccination update vaccine supply, demand and vaccination capacity


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New Delhi:

The Delhi government has received a total of 27,75,490 vaccine doses from the beginning of the vaccination update from the central government till 8 April 2021. These include 19,58,690 doses of Kovishield and 8,16,800 doses of the co-vaccine. A total of 21,30,700 vaccine doses have been used till April 8 in Delhi. Of these, 16,09,770 doses of covishield and 5,20,930 doses of co-vaccine have been used. As of 8 April, 6,44,790 doses of the vaccine were in stock in the national capital. Of these, Kovishield had a stock of 3,48,920 doses and a co-vaccine stock of 2,95,870 doses. Also, the Delhi government had placed a demand for 15 lakh vaccine doses in front of the Government of India. These include 10,00,000 doses of coviciled vaccine and 5,00,000 doses of co-vaccine.

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Vaccination capacity of Delhi

There are 791 covid vaccination centers in 600 health facilities in Delhi where corona vaccination work is being done. The 600 health facilities involved in vaccination include 59 government hospitals, 183 private hospitals and 358 dispensaries and special sites. Vaccination is being done at vaccination sites in hospitals throughout the week (7 days) and in dispensaries 5 days a week. Till April 30, 20 lakh online slots are available for vaccination.

Total daily vaccination capacity – 1.5 lakh doses
Total Vaccination Capacity in 1 Month – 28 Lakh Doses

How many people were vaccinated
A total of 17,97,506 people have been vaccinated by Corona till 12 April 8 in Delhi. This includes 2,12,289 healthcare workers, 2,72,771 frontline workers, 9,95,297 people over the age of 45 years and 3,17,149 people getting second vaccine doses.

8521 new cases of corona were reported in Delhi, nearly 5 months record broken

Vaccination coverage
Vaccination coverage of healthcare workers in Delhi – 71.95%
National average of healthcare workers’ vaccination coverage – 85.87%
Vaccination coverage of frontline workers in Delhi – 73.34%
National average of frontline workers’ vaccination coverage – 71.23%
Vaccination coverage for people above 45 years of age in Delhi – 20.61%
National average of vaccination coverage for those above 45 years of age – 18.13%

Vaccine Vestage-

The Central Government gives 10% dose of vaccine to the State Governments keeping in view the wear and tear.
The average wasteage of KoviShield in Delhi till April 2 – 2.5%
National average of coveshield vestage – 3.5%
Average wastage of co-vaccine in Delhi till April 2 – 7.3%
National average of co-vaccine waste – 8.1%

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