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Portable document format or PDF nowadays is quite common as online transactions are becoming rampant. With the situation we have right now when the pandemic hit the world, it has been a typical practice to work, study, and do business online. There are times that you can’t help but remove some unnecessary pages from your PDF files, especially if you don’t want others to see them.

You might resort to some tedious process before you get to delete your PDF pages. What could be your solution to this? The new technology never goes out of ways to solve such tasks. It is no longer a surprise that rising sites offer services to help you with your PDFs. Find out those solutions below on how to delete PDF pages faster and hassle-free!

Use PDFBear to delete your PDF pages.

If you’re having trouble finding the right tool to use in deleting your PDF pages, try PDFBear. Its specialty is handling PDF files, and you can have it done without complex procedures. All you have to do is type it in your browser, follow the process, and finally have your PDF without the unwanted pages.

PDFBear is a big help, especially if you don’t have other means such as Adobe Acrobat and other software that require payment.  Aside from the fact that it is free, it won’t occupy your computer’s storage or memory.

What’s in it for you?

Besides its free service, the other benefits genuinely help in making your work efficient. You may try it now to see the advantages that it offers. Some of these are:

It performs efficiently.

You can never avoid the times where you need to rush some work. Part of that work may be deleting PDF pages from your file. With PDFBear, you can relax as it finishes the job in a matter of a few minutes. In addition, it is user-friendly, so it doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to learn the process. Simply follow this procedure:

  1. Choose the PDF file and upload it to the PDFBear site or simply drag and drop it to the page.
  2. Select the unnecessary pages that you want to remove.
  3. Press Apply Changes and wait until PDFBear processes it.
  4. Save your work after the task and start sharing.


It safeguards privacy.

Everyone values privacy, especially when it comes to confidential data. Don’t worry because PDFBear respects your privacy and strictly adheres to its privacy policy. It automatically deletes the file that you processed an hour after the download link is produced.

It is accessible anytime, everywhere you are.

Being somewhere is unavoidable, given our situation right now. You may receive notifications requiring you to submit work even when you are in a neighbor’s home. The problem lies when you need to delete some pages first before sending the PDF file. 

This is where PDFBear saves you from that hassle. Every process it does is done with cloud technology, meaning you don’t need to install any app or software to access it. It is compatible, too, with any browser and operating system. Even if you use Mac, Windows, Google Chrome, or Linux, still, you can access PDFBear. The only thing you need to consider is a stable internet connection to utilize the website’s services.

The advantages of deleting PDF pages

Perhaps you are not aware of other advantages of deleting PDF pages aside from removing unwanted parts. Listed below are some of the benefits.

  • It helps the environment. Imagine the papers you can save if you remove those unnecessary pages from your PDF file. Using less paper when printing means helping our environment. Aside from saving memory from your computer, you also save Mother Nature.
  • It renders smaller files, bigger storage in return. Fewer file content means smaller files. It also applies to your PDFs. Upon removing the deleted pages, the file size lowers, giving you more space or memory. What makes it more advantageous is because smaller files are easier to handle. You can see the proof as you could have a faster process of transferring files online.

Final Thoughts

The overwhelming prowess of technology today rendered the digital world to come up with better solutions for each problem quickly. It is not a surprise that everything now has an answer when you encounter certain issues, such as deleting PDF pages. It is in your keen research of finding the best tool that will provide you multiple advantages in one site.

Technology allowed websites like PDFBear to offer solutions that would be convenient to the user. It doesn’t just save computer storage and paper. Moreover, it saves you time and effort with a few clicks. After all, you won’t bother to do it right away if you don’t want efficiency to come after your work. Start deleting your unwanted PDF pages now with PDFBear!


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