Defense minister Rajnath Singhs statement in Rajya Sabha on the India-China dispute, 10 points


Defense Minister gave statement in Rajya Sabha on China issue on Thursday

India-China standoff: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh (Rajnath Singh) made a statement in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday on the issue of tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China. Can not stop petroling He made it clear that China's attempt to change the status quo is not acceptable in any case.

10 special things about the defense minister's address ..

  1. In independent India, Indian armies never take any pleasure in making their supreme sacrifice for the security of the country. You all know that on June 15, 2020, along with Colonel Santosh Babu in the Galvan Valley, 19 more brave soldiers sacrificed their lives while protecting the border of Mother India. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged the brave soldiers by going to Ladakh. I have also met brave soldiers and experienced their valor and unwavering courage. I request the House to pay tribute to 20 martyred soldiers in Galvan by keeping a two-minute silence.

  2. Let me tell you about our border issue with China. The House is aware that the boundary question between India and China is still unresolved. China does not accept the customary and traditional alignment of the border between India and China. It is based on borderline, well-established geographical principles, which have been confirmed not only by treaties and agreements, but also by historic usage and practices. China on the other hand believes that the border is still not formally determined. The two countries were discussing this in the 1950s and 1960s, but a mutually acceptable solution could not be found out.

  3. China occupies about 38,000 sq km of land in Ladakh. Also, in 1963, under a so-called Boundary-Agreement, Pakistan illegally handed over 5180 sq km of Indian land of PoK to China. China also claims about 90,000 square km of Indian territory bordering Arunachal Pradesh. Both India and China believe that the boundary question is a complex issue. This issue should be resolved through peaceful negotiations. As of now, there is no generally delineated Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Indo-China border area and both have different perceptions regarding LAC. Therefore, there are many agreements and protocols between the two countries to restore peace and tranquillity.

  4. Both countries have agreed that peace and stability will be restored on the LAC, which will not have any effect on their respective positions and boundary questions of the LAC. On this basis, there has been considerable development in bilateral relations between the two countries since 1988, but any serious situation in peace and tranquillity on the LAC will definitely have an impact on the mutual relations between the two countries.

  5. In the agreement of 1993 and 1996, it is mentioned that both the countries will keep the number of their forces at least with the LAC. The agreement also states that until the boundary issue is fully resolved, the LAC will be respected and complied with and will not be violated. In these agreements, India and China were also committed to reach a consensus by clarification of LAC. Based on this, from 1990 to 2003, both countries tried to make a common understanding on LAC, but after this, China did not agree to pursue this action.

  6. From the month of April, there was an increase in the number of Chinese forces and their armaments along the eastern border. In early May, China began to disrupt normal patrolling patterns of our forces in the Galvan Valley region, causing a face-off situation. In order to solve this problem by the Ground Commanders', negotiations were being done under various agreements and protocols, that meanwhile, in the middle of May, China attempted to transgression the LAC at several places in the western sector. These include Kongka La, Gogra and North Bank of Pangong Lake. Our efforts were seen by our forces on time and necessary response was taken for it. We conveyed to China through diplomatic and military channels that such activities are an attempt to change the status quo unilaterally. It has also been made clear that this effort is not acceptable to us under any circumstances.

  7. Seeing the escalation over the LAC, military commanders from both sides held a meeting on 6 June 2020, and it was agreed that disengagement should be carried out by reciprocal actions. Both sides also agreed that the LAC would be considered and no such action would be taken which would change the status quo. But in violation of this agreement, a violent conflict situation was created by China on 15 June in Galvan. Our brave soldiers sacrificed their lives, but also caused heavy damage to the Chinese side, and managed to protect their border.

  8. China's action shows its disregard towards our various bilateral agreements. The massive deployment of troops by China is a violation of the 1993 and 1996 agreements. Respecting and strictly adhering to the LAC is the basis for peace and harmony in the border areas, and is clearly accepted in the 1993 and 1996 agreements. While our armed forces follow it completely, this has not happened from the Chinese side.

  9. As of now, the Chinese side has mobilized a large number of troops and ammunition in the LAC and its interior areas. East Ladakh and Gogra, Kongka La and Pangong Lake have many friction areas on the North and South Banks. In response to China's action, our armed forces have also made appropriate counter deployments in these areas so that India's border remains fully protected.

  10. Mr. Chairman, I would like to assure the countrymen through you that our Armed Forces soldiers are upbeat, and our soldiers are determined to face any crisis. We are going through a challenge in Ladakh, but at the same time I am confident that our country and our brave soldiers will meet this challenge. I request this House to show with respect to the bravery of our troops and their indomitable courage in a sound manner.


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