Deepak Bhardwaj was in reserve force but he himself came in strike force | Deepak Bhardwaj was in the Reserve Force, he himself came in the Strike Force; Even after being shot, the Naxalites threw a grenade at them while fighting.


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Raipur6 hours ago

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Deepak Bhardwaj, the martyr of Janjgir, was married in 2019.

On April 3 at the border of Bijapur-Sukma district, 22 jawans were martyred and many jawans were injured in the Naxalite encounter. Different stories of bravery and sacrifice are coming out after the wounded soldiers become conscious. Jawan and his companions recruited in Raipur are telling tales of Maidan A Jung. Commander Sanjay Pal told about the bravery of Janjgir’s martyr Deepak Bhardwaj. For Dainik NewsBust India, SDOP Abhishek Singh spoke to Commander Sanjay Pal.

Sanjay Pal is one of the most experienced commanders of Bastar. He has taken iron from the Naxalites many times and has also dusted the dust many times. Deepak was completely new compared to him, it was only 2 months since he came to DRG. Prior to that the police station was in charge in Kutru. He had his first major operation. He was kept in the Reserve Force, but Deepak spoke and got his name written in the Strike Force. He told one of his companions on the way and said, “Naxalites should be afraid of us, we are policemen, defenders of the constitution … They want to bring a bloody revolution on the strength of gun and we peace.”

All of a sudden, when the bombs started falling from the sky, everyone took their positions. There were so many bombs falling as if it was raining. Sanjay Pal immediately got the idea of ​​Deepak. When he looked back, Deepak was being fired under the cover of a tree and on seeing Sanjay Pal, he shot two Naxalites.

Deepak Bhardwaj in the red circle.  There was a risk of firing and blast anywhere during the search, but Deepak was seen smiling with his companions.

Deepak Bhardwaj in the red circle. There was a risk of firing and blast anywhere during the search, but Deepak was seen smiling with his companions.

Deepak was fighting even after being shot in the arm, stomach

Sanjay Pal was stunned to see her. After a while Sanjay Pal was taking out his team with a cover fire, he also gave voice to Deepak, but the sound was not going to him among the blasts. Deepak still looked at him and said in a gesture that you come, I bring my team. Sanjay Pal started evacuating his team. After that they did not see Deepak.

Here, Deepak got a bullet in his hand and the soldier named Manish told him – “Sir, you come here, you are injured … We will take you out.” Deepak said that you guys can shoot the injured, so why can’t I shoot. Go back while giving a covering fire… I am walking along, nothing will happen to you. Then the second bullet came in Deepak’s stomach.

Deepak dropped, but got up again and fired and shot another Naxalite. People in his team also kept responding to the Naxalites. Even after this, when Deepak did not bow before the Naxalites, the Naxalites threw a grenade near Deepak’s feet and he was martyred.

Shaheed Deepak was married in December 2019

Manish shouted at the grenade launcher and fired bullets, but when he went to lift Deepak’s body, the bullets started firing again and they came back somehow. Unaware of all this, Sanjay Pal was calling a helicopter here and loading the martyrs and the injured in it. The soldiers returned and came towards the camp. Sanjay Pal had just arrived and was standing with DSP Ashish Kunjam. Then Manish came with an injured jawan and upon seeing Sanjay Pal started crying and said that Bharadwaj Sahib’s body could not be brought. Deepak of Janjgir was married in December 2019. His body wrapped in a tricolor was so mutilated that it was difficult to see. His father is a teacher and Deepak himself was a brilliant student and studied from Navodaya.

SI injured due to grenade burst, Balraj Singh tore the turban and set the bar
One such story is that of Balraj Singh, a resident of village Tarn Taran in Punjab. He has three sisters. According to Balraj, every man in his village wants to go to the army. Balraj Singh is a Jawan of Cobra Battalion. He did not have first aid at the time when he saw that his SI had shrapnel in his leg after a grenade burst. Balraj Singh is a chieftain and wears a turban. So, he took off his turban, tore his clothes and bandaged SI. In view of this, Special DG RK Vij of Chhattisgarh reached the hospital to meet him and presented him a turban. Story of Balraj Singh … by his word: –

There was nothing except the turban to strip the head of SI, what would he do

From Basaguda at 9 pm on the night of 2 April, we got out of trains and reached Tarrem. The force was to go as far as Tekalaguda and Jonaguda. There were reports of Maoists being there. Had to come back while searching from there. A team of 2000 jawans came out from different directions. Searching in the jungle, covering a distance of 12 km, reached the hills of Jonaguda around 8 am on the morning of 3 April. From there the Tekalaguda and Jonaguda villages were close by. Naxalites were here. Those areas were searched, but there was no one there.

Special Director General of Police RK Vij presenting a turban to the hospitalized soldier.

Special Director General of Police RK Vij presenting a turban to the hospitalized soldier.

The force was exhausted and the operation was almost over. Force stopped at Jonaguda mound. There were about 400 jawans. We had to return after stopping for two hours. Meanwhile, a sudden firing started. Abuses started running from the hills. With the cover of trees and mounds, the jawans also started counter-firing. Grenades, rocket launchers were also under attack. SI sir was walking in front of me. Suddenly the grenade exploded in front of them and the pellet hit their feet. Blood began to flow from the legs. They sat down under the cover of the tree. They were screaming in pain, but the ointment-wounds were also injured. Some were martyred there.

SI sir had a bad condition with pain. Then I opened my turban and tore it tightly into SI’s feet and then took over. While firing, we went towards the nearest village. Naxalites were following us. This was completely his area, he was aware of the rumor and we were unaware. Naxalites came there and fired. A bullet came from the front and ripped my stomach. The bleeding started. I sat there. When the soldiers tried to lift, they refused and said that they should take care of the front now. The soldiers kept moving forward, firing in front. After walking three kilometers we reached Seelager. From here, we were air-lifted by helicopter.

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