Death toll from Corona in Delhi increased, long queues for funeral


There have been 240 deaths in the capital Delhi in the last four days.

New Delhi:

New records are being made every day due to the increasing case of Corona virus infection in the capital Delhi. Till now only new records were being made in the cases of Corona, but now new records are also being made in the death rate, which is a matter of great concern. In the last four days alone, there have been 240 deaths in the capital Delhi, causing a rush for cremation at both the crematorium and cemetery. The land is being reduced to bury the dead bodies in the largest Kovid cemetery on the ITO of Delhi. At the same time, crematoriums are not taking the name of extinguishing pyre at the ghats.

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The condition of Nigambodh Ghat is that people have to wait for many hours to perform the last rites of the dead bodies. If the number comes on the same day, then it is a big deal. No such picture would ever emerge from the cremation ghats of Delhi, no one had imagined that four pyres are burning together, and the fifth one is waiting to be burnt.


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