Dead body, 4 deaths in 6 hours, arbitrary bill, no action on anyone | 4 people died in 6 hours, hospital bills being arbitrary; Administration issued restrictive order for the second time


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IndoreOne hour ago

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Additional Collector Ajay Dev Sharma for Urban Frontier and Rajesh Rathore for Rural Area has been made Nodal Officer. There is no complaint in the rural area, while a complaint for the urban boundary came in writing.

The Collector may have issued restrictive orders under section 144 to stop the bill of noose in private hospitals, but even before that on September 4, orders were issued by the Collector to control the bill, which was not followed. . Investigation was conducted by the administration in six hospitals in different cases, but some investigative reports do not have any details. At the same time, the patient has no way to find out what was the charge of the bed of the pre-Kovid and how much the hospital can take from them, because the restrictive order only adds a maximum of 40% to the charge at that time. Can.

That is, if at that time there was a thousand daily charge, then now 1400 can be taken. However, the call came from 10-15 people. Officials say that even now people are speaking in oral rather than complaining with written documents, in such a situation, investigation is difficult. The investigation will be easier if the victims will write a written complaint with the documents on their numbers.

Order for investigation, but the report is not known till date

1. Gokuldas Hospital : A case of 4 deaths occurred in 6 hours. Recruitment of patients was stopped for a few days. Investigations were ordered, but nothing happened and the covid treatment was resumed later. Currently 110 patients are admitted here.
2. Unique Hospital : Here, a case of munching the corpse of the patient came to light. Orders for magisterial inquiry took place. Investigation report is not known till date.
3. Apple Hospital: From here too, there was a complaint about the excess bill last year, but after this the report is not known. On April 16, the Collector conducted a checkup at the drug store here, and found 28 Remedesvir, which the patient could not find, the shop was closed, no other action was taken.
4. Minesh Hospital : On receipt of the complaint of this hospital situated in Rau, the Collector stopped the patient recruitment here on April 16 in a full meeting, but nothing happened. The hospital operator called the other hospitalist in his place to write attendance at the meeting.
5. Sai Hospital : Here on the complaint of more bills, the Collector directed to stop the next patient recruitment in this meeting, but the patient recruitment continued.
6. Gaurav Hospital : Investigated the seizure of hospital bills at Khandwa Road. The warrant was issued by the SDM court, but the case ended there.

(Sidhi Baat; Manish Singh Collector, Indore)

Explanation is over, now hospitals will be divided into three categories and investigation will be done.

Question: Even before this you had orders in September, but the hospital did not agree.
Regarding all the complaints that came, the hospital directors continued to meet and explain and they were told to make mistakes.
Question: There was talk of action even before, but nothing happened.
We were also engaged in making arrangements for the treatment of patients. Therefore, he was giving advice and did not act very strictly.
Question: What will strictly do?
Hospitals will be divided into three categories. Those with less than 50 beds, 50 to 100 beds and more. The committee will go to hospitals on random basis and will take some bills in the investigation on May 3 and onwards and examine it. If the violation of the order is found, then a strict action will be taken by registering a case directly under Section 188, Appadic Act. There are complaints about hospitals with less than 50 beds. Unreasonable amount never pods anyone. We have also received complaints from We Care, Universal, RK Hospital. Showing them.

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