Dead bodies found in rivers of UP and Bihar, Minister Gajendra Shekhawat tweets on this matter


Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said, such cases should be taken into account in states (file photo)

New Delhi:

Corona Pandemic: Corona virus Has now turned to the villages as well. The situation is that bodies in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are now seen floating in rivers instead of crematoriums. This has increased the risk of spreading the infection further. Some similar bodies have been found flowing in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. Union Water Power Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has tweeted expressing concern over this. He said that states should take such incidents into account and conduct a thorough investigation in this regard. Shekhawat wrote in his tweet, ‘The incident of dead bodies found floating in Ma Ganga in Buxar region of Bihar is unfortunate. This is definitely a matter of investigation. The Modi government is committed to the cleanliness and uninterruptedness of the Ganges. This incident is unexpected. The concerned states should take immediate cognizance in this regard.

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Corona cases have decreased in the country but still more than three lakh cases are being filed every day. Till Tuesday morning, at 8 am on May 11, 3,29,942 new cases of Kovid-19 have been reported and this During the period 3,876 patients have died. According to the Health Department data, 3,29,942 new cases have been registered in 24 hours, 3876 people have lost their lives in this period. The number of active cases of corona in the country currently stands at 3,71,5221. The positivity rate is currently 17.83%.

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Significantly, the bodies of the suspected corona-infected people were recently found flowing in the river near Chausa in Buxar district of Bihar, bordering UP. Chausa block development officer Ashok Kumar told news agency language that we have so far recovered 15 of these bodies after being informed about this by the local watchman. None of the deceased are residents of Buxar district. He said that on the other side, many districts of Uttar Pradesh are situated on the banks of the river and it is possible that dead bodies were drowned in the Ganges, which we do not know. On the other hand, after the body was seen in Yamuna river in Hamirpur district of UP, panic spread among the people and it was also raised that they were the bodies of those who lost their lives from Kovid-19. However, on Monday, the district administration officials rejected the claim. Hamirpur District Magistrate Dnyaneshwar Tripathi said in a statement issued on Monday, “Prima facie they were not found to be related to death due to corona virus due to interaction with people and looking at the dead bodies, as the bodies were the clothes of normal traditional carcasses and any Also, there was no packing to be done on the corpse when he died of corona. ”


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