Dainik NewsBust India’s 128 Page Edition – Atmanirbhar Indore, Heralds the Comeback of Advertisers. Dainik NewsBust India's Atmanirbhar Indore is a testament that the non-metro Indian cities are raring to get back to normal working conditions. This 124 page newspaper is probably the highest ever pagination for any newspaper in India in last many years' time. | Dainik NewsBust India's 128-page self-sufficient Indore edition

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  • Dainik NewsBust India’s 128 Page Edition Atmanirbhar Indore, Heralds The Comeback Of Advertisers. Dainik NewsBust India's Atmanirbhar Indore Is A Testament That The Non Metro Indian Cities Are Raring To Get Back To Normal Working Conditions. This 124 Page Newspaper Is Probably The Highest Ever Pagination For Any Newspaper In India In Last Many Years' Time.

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  • This edition is a stamp on the fact that advertisers have returned to the print media with confidence
  • This edition is excellent from the readers perspective, it has excellent readable content, which is a gift for the readers.

Dainik NewsBust India Group has created another record by taking out a 128-page newspaper in Indore. Self sufficient indore This issue of has become historical. This success is also stamped on the fact that most cities in the country and the state are returning to their normalcy.

128 pages Self sufficient indore The number is probably the largest number in any newspaper in India in the last several years.

This achievement is not only special for Dainik NewsBust India Group, but also reveals the truth that the advertiser again print media Has returned with confidence. It is also evident from this that various businesses are starting to get back on track.

Girish Aggarwal said about this achievement In this 128-page edition, Self reliant india Has a theme of Real estate, two wheeler, four wheeler jewelery, electronics, lifestyle, education, government and social advertisers have come forward to take advantage of self-reliant Indore in the advertising categories of their respective sectors. '

Local Editor of Indore Mukesh Mathur Said that 'This edition is fantastic from the readers' point of view, it has excellent readable material, which is a gift for our readers. In Dainik NewsBust India, we present daily news and information in such a way that readers can use it in their everyday life. '

Naresh Pratap Singh, Unit Head, Indore Stated that "We are confident that this edition will increase positive thinking among advertisers and customers." And this will increase sales in the market.

in India Newspaper Industry With its linguistic publications, it has returned to the pre-Corona status. Circulation has almost reached the pre-corona level. The power of non-metro cities of India is behind this. A recently published EY report states that, "Non-metro markets will promote India's recovery. It is expected that customers will mostly spend in the categories that come in non-metro. These markets include TVs, There is more inclination to spend on items like fridges, washing machines, vehicles and lifestyle.



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