Cyclone Nivar – Chennai Neighborhoods Relive A Nightmare, Chief Minister Palaniswami Intervenes – Cyclone Prevention: A Nightmare Against Chennai, CM Palaniswamy Interrupted


Narayanan has to deliver medicines to his stroke-stricken father while walking through water. His mother, who is a retired teacher, is worried that an ambulance cannot reach him even in the Emergency.

Narayan said that “He (father) should not have a stroke again during floods and power cuts. Only this medicine will save his life.” His father is also upset. Narayan angrily asks “What were the Public Works Department officials doing from 2015 to 2020?”

Kalpana Yuvraj, the mother of two children, could not get out of the house for three days. The area where he has a house now looks like a lake. He said that “I have a baby in my lap. I could not even get milk and necessary items, and there is no help.”

Overseas education consultant RP Palaniraj is also a resident of Varadarajapuram. Recently, he had to turn off his mobile phone during heavy floods. He said that “Today the water has got down to the knees. Before that, the water was up to the chest for two days. Without power I could not charge my mobile phone. I kept it closed and used it only for emergency. “

The Mudichur area is not far from here, where retired civil engineer Kameswaran is struggling to clean his house, which collapsed in the flood on Thursday. His wife took refuge in another house. Since his family had lost a lot during the 2015 disaster, this time they had already brought the furniture and equipment to a safe height.

Recalling the night of the cyclone storm hitting the coast, he said, “The water came at two o’clock. When I woke up, I couldn’t do anything … The water had come to my feet.”

Residents of this low-lying area say that the walls below the nearby flyover prevent the natural flow of storm water. They want a pipeline to be laid here to drain water.

Tamil Nadu Revenue and Disaster Management Minister RB Udayakumar said, “These are low-lying areas, but the water can drain in two hours. This is a challenge for Chennai.”

After watching NewsBust’s ground report on the situation on Friday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Palaniswami asked officials to find a permanent solution to the problems faced in some areas including Varadarajapuram, Mudichur, and Velachery. However, due to the formation of low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal, many residents are still worrying.


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