CWC meeting: Government is engaged in conspiracy to force agitating farmers to prove anti-national – Proposal in CWC meeting, Modi government is engaged in a conspiracy to forcibly agitate the agitating farmers


Modi government targeted target by presenting proposal in CWC meeting

The Congress Working Committee met on Friday in which the Congress Working Committee presented a proposal in support of the farmers. It says that crores of farmers of India are living on their farm and land, life and livelihood, their present and their future, in protest against the three agricultural laws brought by the Modi government in a bitter sense against farming and farming to benefit their friendly capitalists. Fighting a decisive battle to save. Lakhs of farmers are forced to sit under the open sky on the borders of Delhi in shivering cold, hail and rain. According to the farmers’ organizations, 147 farmers have lost their lives in this barbaric game of the Modi government.

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BJP government steeped in arrogance does not understand suffering

The Prime Minister and the BJP government, steeped in arrogance, still refuse to understand their pain and suffering and even listen to their plea for justice. Farmers and farm laborers are agitating all over the country, taking out rallies, sitting on hunger strike, traveling tractors and staging widespread protests, but the tyrannical BJP government rejects the anger of millions of farmers It is engaged in a conspiracy to forcibly prove ‘anti-national’.

The three agricultural laws violate the constitutional rights of the states.

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) believes that these three laws violate the constitutional rights of the states and to abolish the three pillars of food security established in the country for decades – minimum support price (MSP), government procurement and rationing system i.e. PDS Are the beginning. The CWC also believes that these three agricultural laws were not carried out until a parliamentary review and they were forced to pressurize the voice of the opposition.

Especially, in the Rajya Sabha, these three laws were passed by voice vote in an unexpected way, because the government did not have the necessary majority in the house. In the end, the implementation of these three laws will affect every citizen of the country, because the price of everything will be determined by a handful of people. It can never be accepted in an inclusive India.
There is only one demand of the farmers and farm laborers of India – these three controversial laws should be abolished, but the Central Government is tricking, cheating and deceiving the farmers by tricking, distributing, threatening them. The BJP government should know the unshakable truth that the farmer of India will neither bow down nor back down. The Congress Working Committee demands that the Modi government immediately repeal these three anti-agricultural black laws.

Privacy of military operations is grossly violated
Along with this, it was also said in the proposal that there should be a JPC investigation into sensational revelations of endangering national security and other matters. The Congress Working Committee (CWC) expresses serious concern over the recent revelations of conspiratorial talks that have exposed the country’s security. It is clear that people involved in the highest positions in the Modi government are involved in this matter and there is a gross violation of the secrecy of important and sensitive military operations. In this sensational revelation, the first sight of the unforgivable crimes of secrecy of government affairs and weakening the entire government structure, pressuring external and unethical methods on government policies and a slanderous attack on the independence of the judiciary have come to the forefront. This has exposed a scheming conspiracy and malicious alliance between Modi government and friends sitting outside the government.
Messing up of security

The surprising thing is that even after several days of these revelations, the Prime Minister and the central BJP government are completely silent. The truth is that there is evidence of their silence, their collusion, sharing in crime and being prima facie guilty, but the constant demand to ensure responsibility and accountability cannot be suppressed. This storm will not stop and we will continue to seek answers from the BJP government at the Center to jeopardize the security of the country and help our opponents. The Congress Working Committee demands for a probe by the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the security of the country, violations of the Official Secrets Act and the role of the people involved in the highest positions. In the end, those who are guilty of treason should be brought before the law and punished.

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