CT scan should not be done without reason, leads to radiation exposure: AIIMS Chief Randeep Guleria – Even after having corona, it should not be done unnecessarily and repeatedly. Scan: AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria


Biomarker and CT Get the scan done with the advice of a doctor: Guleria (file photo)

New Delhi:

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the country. More than three lakh new cases are coming every day for the last several days. Corona is damaging the lungs of the people, due to which a large number of people are panic and are undergoing CT-scans. Meanwhile, AIIMS director Randeep Guleria said that too many people are undergoing CT-scans. He said that if Kovid has mild (mild) symptoms, is at home and saturation is fine, then C.T. There is no use with the scan. Some patches will come. The advantage is not much loss.

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AIIMS director said that a CT scan is equivalent to 300-400 chest x-rays. Repeatedly C.T. There is a risk of cancer when scanned. If not simpatam. After the first chest x-ray, if needed and if in the hospital, CT. Get it scanned. Biomarker and CT Get the scan done with the advice of a doctor.

He said that some people are getting CT scans every three days. They may have problems later. CT in mild Do not have scans and bio markers. It is not known from the biomarker that the disease has increased.

Guleria said that steroids should not be taken in the initial stages. Moderate symptoms require steroids. Steroids should not be taken in mild.


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