CSIR partners with aurobindo pharma to develop covid-19 vaccine – Aurobindo Pharma and CSIR come together for COVID-19 vaccine


CSIR-CCMB and Aurobindo Pharma are working on the manufacture of the Kovid-19 vaccine. (Symbolic picture)

Special things

  • CSIR and Aurobindo Pharma come together
  • Partnership to develop Kovid-19 vaccine
  • Preparations for facility setup started in Hyderabad


The CSIR i.e. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Aurobindo Pharma Ltd Company announced on Tuesday that they will work together to produce the Kovid-19 vaccine. A press release from the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) stated that there has been a partnership between CSIR-CCMB and Aurobindo Pharma to produce several novel COVID-19 vaccines.

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It states that three labs of CSIR, CCMB Hyderabad, Institute of Medical Technology, Chandigarh and Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata are preparing vaccines through different tech platforms. Aurobindo will witness the clinical development and commercialization of these vaccines.

CSIR DG Dr Shekhar Mande said that this partnership will accelerate India's efforts to prepare indigenous vaccine and it will also help us to prepare against future pandemics.

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CSIR-CCMB director Dr Rakesh Mishra said that the institute's labs are working on novel proteins for the vaccine, which will have the potential to meet the needs of the second generation vaccine. He said that 'Aurobindo Pharma has proved its manufacturing and commercial potential, we are happy to partnered with them'.

Aurobindo Pharma said on this partnership for the vaccine that it is proud to be involved in this fight against the Kovid-19 epidemic and is preparing a large facility in Hyderabad for its manufacture.

This press release states that in addition to this partnership, Aurobindo is already working on a vaccine for COVID-19 (SARS COV-2) through its American subsidiary company Auro Vaccines.

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