CRPF DG said, action on governments directive in the case of hostage jawan, Naxalite Hidma will not survive every time


CRPF DG confirms his talk on Bijapur Naxalite Attack

new Delhi:

On the Naxalite attack in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh, CRPF Director General (DG) Kuldeep Singh has given his opinion on all the issues. After the Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh, there are reports on social media about a missing soldier being held hostage by the Naxalites. It is being said that the Maoists are trying to get their demands agreed with the government through intermediaries. NewsBust correspondent Rajiv Ranjan spoke to CRPF DG Kuldeep Singh on all aspects related to this.

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The CRPF DG said, “A statement has been issued by the Naxalites, which is spreading in social media. The photo of the jawan has also come, according to that the Naxalites have asked the government in the last line to appoint an arbitrator, through which they will talk and free the jawan. Kuldeep Singh said, We have brought this matter to the notice of the Central and State Government. The central and state governments will act accordingly, as they say.

Trust on social media information
The CRPF DG said, we cannot confirm that the jawan is in the possession of the Naxalites. Which has come in social media. Believing the same and there is no information. Even if it is wrong, the CRPF Director General said that it is proceeding with the right, whenever we have any information about the Naxalites, then we will take action. If the news inside came and we are not ready or there is a drain on the way, then despite having such information, we postpone it for a few days.

No operation failure, no lapse
DG said, if there is any intelligence information about the jawan, then according to that, he will plan accordingly. There is no such information right now. This operation did not fail. There was no lapse in any way. We had news that the presence of Naxalites is there, planning was done accordingly. While returning from there, he was ambushed while returning. The soldiers responded to this. Both were damaged. We fought for four hours and would not call it an operational failure at all, but it has been successful.

If they fail, a large number of Naxalites would not be killed.
There is neither intelligence failure nor operation. If there was a failure, there would be no news of Naxalites being killed in large numbers. Naxalites have suffered a big loss. Filling two tractors, they carried the bodies of their wounded jawans and Naxalites. From him it seems that he has suffered a great loss. In such a large operation, there is a loss. Our people have fought fiercely.

Hidma will not survive every time
Hidma will not survive every time and will come into action some time. If he has courage, do it in Sukma and come to Raipur. Why is he doing it in the jungle, we do not think that he is being supported by the public. If this happens, we would not have camps in the jungles, soon there will be a major action based on intelligence.

Action will continue against Naxalites
DG said, action against Naxalites will continue uninterrupted. We are always ready. To carry out any task. On receiving the intelligence information, we work according to the circumstances, whoever has done this will not be left out.


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