Cristiano Ronaldo Coca Cola Controversy; Fevicol Tweet Haye ni mera Coka Coka Coka Coka Coka | Domestic companies garnering praise by making advertisements on Ronaldo and Coca-Cola; This also includes Fevicol and Amul.

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Coca-Cola suffered heavy losses due to the anger of Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s famous footballer and captain of the Portugal team. After the incident, the company’s shares fell 1.6% in the US stock market, which reduced its value by about 30 thousand crores.

Here, Indian companies are taking advantage of the opportunity and garnering praise by creating creative ads. Upstox, including gum maker Fevicol and dairy company Amul, released an advertisement, which is very much discussed these days.

First let’s look at the trending ads of Fevicol, Amul and Upstox….

Although almost all the ads of the company are very talkative and creative, but this time it used the name of the international brand in a funny way. Which is also being praised. Fevicol gave the tagline in its ad – neither the bottle will be removed nor the valuation will decrease. Also in the social media post, without taking the name of Coca-Cola, Hi Re Mera Koka Koka Koka Koka…, which are the lyrics of a popular Hindi song.

Amul also made an ad
Some of the same Amul has also shared mimes about the international brand. In its social media post, Amul wrote the first quote – Amul brand has never been sidelined. In the second tagline, Not bottling one’s feelings!’ written.

Apart from both the big companies, many companies are also taking advantage of the opportunity. This includes the name of Upstox..

Ronaldo removed two bottles of cold drink during the press conference
In fact, on June 15, Ronaldo removed two bottles of Coca-Cola’s cold drink from his table and advised him to drink water. He had arrived at the press conference before the match against Hungary. After this incident, Coca-Cola shares fell in the US stock market. Due to which its market value also decreased.

The star player of France also removed the beer bottle
A day later, France’s star player Paul Pogba also removed Heineken’s non-alcoholic beer from the front during the press conference and put it down. However, Heineken shares were up 1.7%. After both incidents, Heineken and Coca-Cola said it was a matter of personal preference and they respected it.

Ronaldo, 36, is known for his disciplined diet. He stays away from any kind of cold drinks and aerated drinks to stay fit. From Virat Kohli to his fitness diet, there are also well-known athletes of the world.

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