Cow killed in Kashmir, Police injured by protestors | Kashmiris cut cow and burn the tricolor? Know the truth of the message going viral with photos


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34 minutes ago

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What is happening Viral : A collage of four photos is going viral on social media. A photo shows a dead cow and a burning tricolor. In the remaining 3 photos, injured policemen are seen.

In the message going viral, it is being claimed that all these photos are from Kashmir. Where the cow was cut and lit the tricolor. Also, policemen were beaten up.

Many readers have sent this photo collage for investigation on Dainik NewsBust India’s ‘Fake News Expos’ team’s email and WhatsApp helpline.

And what is the truth?

  • A Google search of the keyword of the viral message shows that all four photos have been with this claim since 2015. share Are being done Obviously the photos are not of any recent incident. We started verifying the accuracy of the four photos one by one.
  • First photo In which a policeman with both hands is seen blood-soaked. This photo is from Tripura. This one of 13 July 2011 Article Get to know from. The photo is from when the clash took place between the Congress party workers and the police in Agartala.
  • Second photo In which some people are seen burning the tricolor. There is also a dead cow. After looking carefully at the photo, we saw the flag of Pakistan in the hands of some people. This gave Clue that the photo could be from Pakistan.
  • The second photo showed a brand logo on the left. The reverse search of the logo on Google shows that it is the logo of nishantLinen, a brand from Pakistan.
  • This photo taken from the second angle of the burning tricolor African Press We also found on the official website of. The information given here confirms that the photo is not of Kashmir but of Pakistan.
  • Third photo In which the injured policeman is seen. Deccan chronicle The news of that shows that the photo is of a 6-year-old Uttar Pradesh incident. The injured is Vijay Singh Meena, DIG of UP Police, who was injured in a clash between protesters and police.
  • Wounded policeman’s handkerchief Fourth photo Reverse search on Google for 2015 Media reports Came out Which shows that this photo is a demonstration of Sikhs in Jammu. In the photo, Sub Inspector Arun Sharma is seen, who was attacked by fierce protesters.
  • It is clear that all four photos have no relation among themselves. The message that has gone viral with photo collage on social media is completely fake.

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