covid19 drug Favilow launched MSN Labs launches cheapest Covid-19 drug Favipiravir at rs 33 | Indian company MSN Group launches Corona drug 'Favilo', a 200mg tablet priced at Rs 33

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  • Covid19 Drug Favilow Launched MSN Labs Launches Cheapest Covid 19 Drug Favipiravir At Rs 33

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This 200 mg tablet of MSN company is 33 rupees.

  • Favilo has anti-viral drug Favipiravir, its 400mg tablet will also be launched soon
  • MSN group has already launched antiviral drug oseltamivir called Oslo.

Hyderabad-based generic pharma company MSN Group has launched Corona's cheapest drug 'Favilo'. It contains Favipiravir drug dose. A tablet of 200 mg Favipiravir will be priced at Rs 33. According to the company, 400 mg tablet of Favipiravir will also be launched soon.

MSN Group has already launched antiviral drug oseltamivir by the name of Oslo for Corona patients. It is a 75mg tablet.

The cheapest medicine ever

Pharma CompanyDrug namecost
Msn groupFavilo₹ 33
Genvert pharmaFavorite₹ 39
Glenmark PharmaFebiflu₹ 75
CiplaCiplanza₹ 68
Hetro LabFavivir₹ 59
Brinton pharmaFavitan₹ 59

Claim the most economical drug

Dr. MSN Reddy, CMD of MSN Group, claims that Favilo is the most effective and economical drug of Kovid-19. He said, Our company believes in providing quality medicines and providing them to the people. Drug Controller General of India has approved favipirvir. This will allow patients with mild and moderate symptoms of corona to be treated.

Favipiravir was still being used in influenza

Favipiravir Drug is largely manufactured by Japanese company Fujifilm Holding Corp. The Japanese company sells it on the market under the name of Avigan. Since 2014, it is being used to treat influenza.

Glenmark will present a strong version of Fabiflu

Drug company Glenmark is to bring Favipiravir's brand 'Fabiflu' into 400mg doses. According to the company, this will give patients full doses in fewer tablets. Fabiflu is being used to treat patients with mild and moderate symptoms of corona infection. According to the company, the price of this tablet will also be Rs 75.

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