COVID nails may be a sign of coronavirus know what changes to your fingernails indicate covid19 infection. In the infected, there are also symptoms such as change in the color of the nails, the appearance of lines on them and weakening of the nails.

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  • COVID Nails May A Sign Of Coronavirus Know What Changes To Your Fingernails Indicate Covid19 Infection

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Discoloration of the nails of the hand can also be a symptom of corona. Strange cases of nail color change have been seen in some corona patients. Scientists have named it ‘Covid Nail’. Till now symptoms like fever, cough, fatigue and loss of taste were reported from Kovid but the new symptom is shocking. This claim has been made by scientists in the research of the University of East Anglia.

Scientists say that the reason for the change in color of half of the nail can be a virus. After infection, the increase in the effect of the virus can cause blood vessel damage. As a result the color of the nail changes. This can also happen due to blood clotting in infected patients.

According to the research report, how long these symptoms last, it is not yet known. These symptoms have been seen for one to 4 weeks in the patients who have been exposed to the present.

How much has changed in the nail, understand from these 3 cases

1- Nails become weak and fall
The nails of a corona infected woman became loose from the base itself. After three months the nails fell out. This is called onychomycosis. As the disease got better new nails started coming in.

2- Orange mark showing on the nail
A patient infected with Kovid-19 showed an orange mark on the nail after 112 days. A month later, the mark remained intact. The exact reason for this is yet to be ascertained.

3- White lines appeared on the nail
In another case of corona, white lines appeared on the patient’s nail. These lines appeared 45 days after the virus was confirmed. These lines got better on their own with treatment.

The effect of stress is also visible on the nail.
Special lines have also been seen in the nails of hands and toes of corona patients, which appear after 4 weeks of infection and more.

According to scientists, nails stop growing temporarily after stress, infection, side effect of chemotherapy in the body. This could be due to covid.

These lines are slightly above the end of the nail. There is no cure for them. It gets better slowly with treatment.

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