Covid concealer more post-Covid trouble! History is being detected in antibody test – Kovid concealer has more post-kovid trouble! ‘History is being detected in antibody test’


Nearly 10% of patients undergoing post-covid OPD in many hospitals in Mumbai have never been corona positive. But the post Kovid is going through a lot of trouble. Anti body tests show that he was positive. Those who did not get treatment by hiding the symptoms have more trouble.

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Dr Harish, Chest Physician at Global Hospital, Mumbai, says, “Uncorrupted post-covid cases are coming, but the truth is that post-positive post cannot be covid, they are covid, or not detected or ignored. Seeing the number of these patients is 5-10%. “

Dr. Harish further said, “If we divide such patients into two groups, then one of the patients who did not get treatment despite the symptoms, they have more difficulty because they did not cure the disease in time. And the other group Those who were asymptomatic or did not know that Kovid had happened, they have less post-Kovid trouble. ”

On the other hand, Dr. Bahram Pardiwala of Wockhardt Hospital in South Mumbai says, “We know that the COVID test can come negative but somewhere or some other time we can definitely catch it like in CT scan or COVID antibody testing. If you know this, then you cannot say that Kovid has not happened.

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So these are the patients who got corona, but they did not pay attention. Such patients are admitted to the hospital with severe problems like respiratory problems, heart attacks and paralysis.

Dr. Tulsigiri of Fortis Hospital in Vashi says, “Many patients have breathing problems. Many patients are coming with heart problems like heart attack. Many are coming with complaints of blood accumulation in the veins. Many secondary bacterial infections, many strokes or paralysis are also coming. ”

Considering the difficulties that come after Kovid, experts believe that do not ignore Kovid. Do not hide it and get it fully treated, otherwise you may have more serious problems.

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