Covid 19 vaccine is out of stock in Darbhanga Bihar Coronavirus


Vaccination stopped after the vaccine was over. (File photo)

Special things

  • Vaccine ended in Darbhanga
  • Vaccination work affected
  • People who arrived to vaccinate returned disappointed


Nationwide Coronavirus Although there is no shortage of Coronavirus Vaccine, even though the Central Government is speaking, the exact opposite pictures were seen on Thursday in Darbhanga, Bihar. Due to the expiry of vaccine, the work of applying Kovid vaccine was not done in the district. Whether it is about DMCH, the largest government hospital in Darbhanga or urban health center, vaccination has not been done anywhere. People coming to the DMCH hospital in Darbhanga to take the vaccine were returning disappointed, so someone waiting to be vaccinated appeared to be sitting there waiting.

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There was complete silence at the Darbhanga Urban Health Center the previous day. In both the places the notice was pasted on the wall, on which it was clearly written that vaccination is not being done today because of lack of Kovid-19 vaccine. When the vaccination will start, no information has been written on the notice board.

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People who came from far away to take Corona vaccine appeared very disappointed. According to him, he reached the hospital with great hope, but due to the expiry of the vaccine, he did not get the vaccine. Now when the vaccine comes, then they will come again.

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District Magistrate of Darbhanga, Dr. Thyagarajan S. M. confirmed the termination of the vaccine and said that the vaccination did not work on Thursday. Immunization work will be started soon as soon as the vaccine reaches Darbhanga. He told that earlier about one lakh twenty thousand people have been vaccinated. It has been assured to get the vaccine soon. Vaccination work will be started as soon as the vaccine arrives.

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