Covid-19 treatment: Indian-American doctor identifies Coronavirus Death Prevention – Indian-American doctor identifies possible treatment of Covid-19, research success on mice


With this discovery, a possible cure for diseases of Kovid-19 and high mortality can be found.


Indian-American doctors have discovered a possible cure to prevent fatal damage to the lungs of the Covid-19 patients and the loss of organs. Dr. Tirumala Devi Kanneganti, born in India and posted as a researcher at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, has published her research in the online edition of the research journal ‘Cell’, in which she discovered during studies on mice that Kovid-19 is ‘Hyperinflammatory’ resistance in relation to the loss of organs due to inflammation in the cells in the condition which eventually leads to death and they identified possible drugs to protect the condition.


The researcher studied in detail how the messages of inflammatory cells are transmitted, on the basis of which they studied the method of inhibiting it. Dr. Kannaganti, vice-president of the Department of Resistance Science at St. Jude Hospital, said, “Knowledge of how it works and the causes of inflammation is important in developing better treatment methods.”

It is noteworthy that Kenaganti was born and brought up in Telangana. He graduated from Chemistry, Zoology and Botany from Kakatiya University in Warangal. He received his Masters and PhD from Osmania University, India. In 2007, Dr. Kennagati joined St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. He said, “This research will increase our understanding. We have identified the specific ‘cytokines’ (small proteins present in the cell that transmit) that cause inflammation in the cell and eventually lead to death. With this discovery, a possible cure for diseases of Kovid-19 and high mortality can be found. ”This research also includes Shraddha Tuladhar, Piramal Sameer, Min Zhenge, Balamurugan Sundaram, Balaji Bhanoth, RK Subbarao Malireddy etc.

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