Covid-19 Pandemic: Nurse tests positive in a Delhi Government Hospital


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New Delhi:

Delhi corona cases update: A government hospital in Delhi amidst a surge in corona cases in the country including Delhi, the capital of the country To vaccinate The Nurse has also become Corona positive. In the RT-PCR test this morning, this nurse was confirmed of Korana infection. The hospital administration has sent the nurse (vaccineer) in isolation. According to sources, hospitals periodically conduct random tests of their health workers as health workers come in contact with different types of people under their work. Therefore, the RT-PCR test of the vaccinated nurse (called Vaccinator) and the rest of the vaccinated people was also done. In this test, a nurse was found infected, while the corona report of the rest of the team members has come negative.

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It is worth noting that at one time in Delhi, Corona’s new K reached around 100, but now around five thousand cases are coming to the city every day. Not only Delhi, the second wave of coronavirus is seen more dangerous all over India at this time. More than 1.25 lakh new cases have come in the country in the last 24 hours. In one day, 1,26,789 new Corona cases have been registered, while 685 people have lost their lives from Corona during this period. So far, the total number of corona patients has increased to 1,29,28,574. At the same time, in case of death, 1,66,862 people have died due to this virus so far.

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Currently, there are 9,10,319 active cases of corona in the country, which are undergoing treatment. This is the third time in India that the number of new cases has reached above one lakh. In the first wave, there were never more than one lakh cases, but in the last one week, three times this figure has crossed one lakh. Talking about Wednesday, more than 1 lakh 15 thousand new cases were reported in one day, as well as 630 people died during this time.


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