COVID-19 may bring a new wave of diabetes says latest covid study in Boston Children’s Hospital | Corona can bring epidemic of diabetes, blood sugar of 35% patients remains elevated for 6 months after infection; The risk of becoming critical increases

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  • COVID 19 May Bring A New Wave Of Diabetes Says Latest Covid Study In Boston Children’s Hospital

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  • Researchers claimed in the research of Boston Children’s Hospital of America

Since the beginning of the epidemic, experts have been saying that diabetic patients are more prone to corona. Such patients are in the risk zone. Now new research done in America says, new cases of diabetes are coming out in healthy people after being infected with corona. These are people who did not have diabetes complaints before.

Research done on 551 patients
Recent research by Boston Children’s Hospital of America says, 551 corona patients were admitted in Italy between March and May 2020. Of these, 46 percent of the patients were found to have elevated blood sugar after infection. Hyperglycemia started in these. Blood sugar was found to be elevated in 35 percent of the patients even after about 6 months.

Understand how the situation worsens

  • Researchers say that the condition of patients with high blood sugar worsens more than normal people when they have corona. They have to stay in the hospital for a long time. More oxygen is needed. Ventilation has to be taken care of.
  • According to research published in the journal Nature Metabolism, hormone levels in hyperglycemia patients also became abnormal. In these, the level of insulin hormone was very high.
  • Researcher Fiorina says, this is the first study to show that Kovid has a direct effect on the pancreas. This is a direct indication that the pancreas is also the target of corona virus.

Understand the connection of Kovid-19 and diabetes from 4 points

  • The risk increases in healthy people like this: SMS Hospital Jaipur Diabetologist Dr. Prakash Keswani It is said that the virus of Kovid-19 can directly infect insulin-producing beta cells present in the pancreas. When beta cells are damaged, patients will have a reduced ability to make insulin. In such a situation, the risk of new diabetes will also increase in those who are healthy.
  • Type 1 diabetes can also be caused by: Sometimes the infection is more severe, in which case type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis can also occur. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition when the level of sugar in the body increases due to excessive lack of insulin.
  • Stress is also a factor: If someone has the onset of diabetes and does not know, during this time there is a virus infection, then new diabetes can also develop due to stress.
  • Therefore diabetic people are more at risk: Patients with diabetes have a higher risk of every infection. In such patients, the working capacity of the cells of the immune system (lymphocytes, neutrophils) is reduced. Because of this, antibodies are made less in the body. Due to less power to fight disease, it is unable to eliminate foreign things (viruses, bacteria), as a result, the risk of life increases.

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