Covid-19 in Delhi: Health Minister Satyendra Jain appeals to be at home amid coronavirus


Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain told that more than 1 lakh 2 thousand tests were done and 13.14% was positive. Around 1 lakh 85 thousand cases have come in the country and Corona cases are increasing very fast in the country. Not decreasing, increasing daily. It is an appeal to all that it is very important to leave the house and follow Kovid friendly behavior. Do apply mask. The Health Minister of Delhi also answered questions on an issue related to Corona.

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Death statistics
For the past few weeks, cases are doubling every week, in the country as well as in Delhi. The last time there was a death rate of 2-3% in November. Sad but the figure is saying that it is still decreasing by half a percent.

Shortage of beds
If you will see in the app, last week there were 6 thousand beds, now there are more than 13 thousand beds. We are constantly increasing the number of beds, orders were issued to increase beds the day after tomorrow. It takes 3-4 days to apply. From the point of view of the whole country, the maximum number of covid beds in any state is more than double that of Delhi.

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Ventilator deficiency
In Corona, it was initially thought that the ventilator is also a primary health tool. But this is not the case, the ventilator is the ultimate tool. There are many levels before that. First you are placed in the home isolation, the medicine is put on it, then oxygen is applied. Then there is HFNo and BiPap. The ventilator is the last step, it is not a basic treatment. If the ventilator has a lot of beds, then it appears full in the app, but there is no shortage of ventilators at all.

There is a different situation on the ground than the data on the app –
This is not the case, we are keeping an eye on it. The data in the app is revised at least 2 times a day. Maybe at the time you saw 40 beds, at that time 5-7 patients were admitted. LNJP is admitting 70-80 new patients a day. In Rajiv Gandhi, more than 70 patients were admitted in the night only. It takes time for that data to be updated.

If nobody is getting a bed at one place then how to send it to another place
I think everyone should go after seeing the app, their phone numbers have been given. Please call before leaving.

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Many hospitals do not get calls for beds at the helpline number
You should not call people. Many journalists call and they ask the details of the patient, then they come to know that it is a fake call. It is better to call the patients who are there. In any private hospital in Noida, you should admit a single patient and show them. We are getting everyone admitted in Delhi. Out of Delhi as well as outside Delhi.

What beds were increased in the central hospitals?
The beds have not increased in the center hospital yet, they have been talked to yesterday and requested. Last time when the peak came, 4100 beds were at the center, this time there are 1100 beds.

Is there a lack of coordination between the two governments-
It’s not like that. Everything is discussed everyday together. Because this time the cases have increased very fast, the Delhi Government has increased the beds in their hospitals rapidly, and are also being increased in the central hospitals. They have not refused, said that they will increase soon.

Corona cases touched new record with 1.84 lakh cases, 1,027 deaths in 24 hours

Will Sardar Patel Covid Care Center re-open?
This time the need is either of a hospital or people are preferring to stay at home. The railway bogie system which is in the middle or the covid care center is needed. There are 5525 beds in Kovid Care Center tomorrow. Of which only 286 are filled.

What is attached to the hotel and banquet
The order to attach the hotel and banquet hall to the hospital will be issued by this evening.

13 thousand cases have not been reported in any city so far
No test has been conducted in any city till date. We are continuously doing more than one lakh tests in Delhi, which is more than double according to any city. We are taking complete transparency, whatever we are doing, in front of everyone, we are testing above 1 lakh, out of which 70% are rt-pcr.

Do not unnecessarily go to the hospital-
This is absolutely true. As soon as someone has a fever, if he is positive, then immediately he goes towards the hospital, you have a problem in it and the hospital also has a problem. Fever is not a very big symptom unless there is serious Sirius. If you talk to a doctor, then only admit when needed. More than 90% of the people have recovered from isolation in the house, if everyone goes to the hospital, then more sick people will not get beds.

Are non-needy patients being sent back from the hospital
In some places, we send the patient to the Covid Care Center. Many people say that we stay at home better than the Covid Care Center. Such cases come.

Test report pending for several days
There are 2 ways of testing, Rapid report is told at the same time in half an hour. Which does not come positive in Rapid and has symptoms, then do it by rt-pcr. The test report is mostly coming within 24 hours, if there is any such complaint, it will be rectified as soon as possible.

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People are afraid of lockdown
This is the time of Crisis, so everyone has to defeat Corona together. This is the first time such an epidemic has occurred in this century. First came in the name of Spanish flu and this time in the name of Kovid-19. It is not a small thing. Some people are not afraid at all. But we should be afraid for a little, some people do not even put on masks, they have to party. For a couple of months if we are saved from some things. Do not go unnecessarily here and there, if we follow the security, we will overcome it. Some people feel that he is very healthy and Corona will do nothing to them. Maybe it is right but if you become positive and the infection comes in the house then it can spread to parents and children.

There is also fear in Delhi after Maharashtra lockdown
Last seen by putting a lockdown. The biggest lesson learned from the lockdown is that if you apply the mask, you can avoid it. Some people think that we have got the vaccine, now we do not need a mask. But nobody said that even if you have got the vaccine installed, you still have to wear a mask.

Record cases of corona in one day, more than 1.84 lakh infected in 24 hours


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