Covid-19 in Begluru: BJP’s Tejasvi Surya attacks on party-controlled Civic body over beds allocation


MP Surya has alleged that ‘a gang of BBMP officers and frontline health workers’ are conspiring to ‘buy’ the beds of the people who died without receiving ICU care. He said, ‘All beds are seen full on the website of Brihat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palika. Many people are getting discharged from hospitals, but BBMP says that all beds are booked. There is a gang of BBMP officers, people from Arogya Mitra (a frontline health service) in hospitals and some people outside.

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He also alleged that initially beds are reserved in the name of the people undergoing treatment in home isolation, which those patients are not aware of. Later, when they are not admitted to the hospital, those beds automatically become ‘auto un-blocked’. He also claimed that this has happened in many thousands of cases. After this, BBMP officers find those who buy these beds.

The BJP MP said, ‘This is the most disgusting that can happen during an epidemic.’ Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has promised to take action against those involved. However, the BBMP has not yet responded to this.

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Bengaluru Police Chief Kamal Pant said that the case has been handed over to the Central Crime Branch. He said, ‘A case has been registered at Jayanagar Police Station in connection with the alleged fraud in the allocation of beds for Corona patients on the BPMP portal. Two people have been arrested in this case, while others are being questioned. Police say that a BBMP official was likely to be involved, as the allotment of beds cannot be done without it.

Let me tell you, BJP has the highest number of members in the Bangalore Municipal Corporation, so Surya has raised questions on his own party. Bengaluru Mayor Gautam Kumar is a councilor of BJP. The Congress has reacted without losing this opportunity.

Karnataka Congress President DK Shivakumar tweeted, ‘I want to congratulate MPs Tejashwi Surya, MLAs Satish Reddy, Ravi Subramanya and Udaya Garudachar on the revelations of corruption in the allocation of beds by their party and civic body.’ Also Shivkumar said, ‘BBMP is under whose control? He should have immediately mentioned the name of the BJP minister who is responsible for it.

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