Covid-19 cases Increase: Mumbai police fines people for not wearing face mask – People are negligent, police taking action despite wearing coronas case in Mumbai ..


In Mumbai, the number of Corona cases has risen to around 900 daily in the last week (symbolic photo)

Special things

  • People are avoiding wearing masks despite increasing cases
  • Mumbai Police was given the right to recover the fine
  • Nearly 900 cases coming to the state daily since a week


Mumbai Covid-19 Cases Updates: In Mumbai New corona cases in Mumbai Between the Mumbai police is in action mode regarding Corona. Action is being taken on people not wearing mask in place. Despite the warnings of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, there is no dearth of people walking without masks. In view of the increasing risk of Corona infection in Mumbai, Mumbai Police has now been empowered to recover fines from people wearing no mask, not to have to lockdown again in Mumbai, for this The Mumbai Police is also in action to strictly follow the rules of law and has started action against people everywhere.

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Surprisingly, no one wants a lockdown but they are negligent in wearing masks. Due to this careless attitude of the people, now the Mumbai Police has also been given the right to act on people without wearing masks. Mumbai Police Spokesperson S. Chaityanay says, ‘In more crowded areas attention will be given. People are requested to wear masks at crowded places, otherwise a fine of 200 rupees will be charged. According to DCP Zone-11, action has been taken on more than a thousand people on a single day on Sunday.

If Corona cases continue to grow in the next few days, then lockdown will have to be imposed: Uddhav Thackeray

Significantly, the corona infection figure in Mumbai, which reached near 350 daily, has jumped to 900 in the last week. This is the reason that the discussion of lockdown in the city has once again taken hold. There is no need to put a lockdown again, so while political, religious and social programs have been banned, on the one hand, a crowd of more than 50 has been banned in the marriage and birthday party celebrations. Not only this, action has also been started on those who violate these rules.


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